Small towns in the suburbs - a photo list

Small towns in the Moscow region

Small towns in the Moscow region

Choosing a route for a tour of the day, forshort holiday or just for a short trip for a couple of hours, you should pay attention to the small towns in the suburbs. If you look through the guide books, it turns out that just a couple of hours drive from the white stone, there are many interesting places that can make a vacation enjoyable and informative. Going on such a trip, it is able to change the situation in the bustling metropolis of peace and quiet contemplation of provincial life in which there is a place warm human communication and the observations of the world around them.

At the top, even in Europe

Sergiev Posad, famous in the recent past as aZagorsk - a city in which to go tends to every Orthodox person. There is a shrine of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, which is not only the largest active monastery in Russia, but also the richest museum of the history of Russian architecture. In Sergiev Posad attracts thousands of believers from many places on the planet. It cured the suffering and the sick, pray for success and prosperity, and because popular among other things, this small town in the Moscow region is in first place in the list of their own kind.
Unofficially called the capital MoscowKolomna, where in the XVI century, founded the outpost, defending Moscow from the raids of Crimean Tatars. Kremlin, built on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, was inferior in size only to the capital, and its preserved towers and walls cause awe even among the modern masters of construction.

Zaraysk sketches and incredible Podolsk

In contrast to the Kolomna Kremlin Zarayskperfectly preserved, and its towers and walls from the XVI century vigilantly guard the peace of the residents of this small town in the Moscow region, 150 km from the capital on the River sturgeon. Zaraysk Due to the low popularity among the organized tourist groups, it does not meet the crowd armed with cameras, frightening flocks of hens, it is important to scatter bright yellow legs emerald grass growth under the Kremlin walls.
Distance from Moscow to Podolsk and notmore than 15 kilometers, but the Sign Church on its outskirts in Dubrovitsy manor - it is a miracle that has no equal anywhere else in Russia. The temple was built during Emperor Peter I invited architects from Switzerland and its magnificent decorations - bas-reliefs, sculptures and stucco - cause constant admiration for each guest of the city.


  • Small towns in the Moscow region
  • Small towns in the Moscow region

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