Holidays in Russia with children - photos, spas

Holidays in Russia with children

Holidays in Russia with children

The upcoming school holidays or vacationparents are forced every year to find answers to many questions. Where to go this year? What to prefer - the beach or ekskursionku? How much time is left before the expiry of passports action and give whether a visa? How much more expensive tickets? And that, if you look at the city in the neighborhood and went into a far country? A varied and exciting holiday in Russia with children are quite capable and means to organize the family any income and opportunities.

"For" or "Against"?

Unlike zagranpoezdok, tours of the native landdo not require a visa, their value is not dependent on the rate of the dollar restless, and acclimatization to camp in the suburbs or on holiday in the resort of Karelia and is not required.
In these tours you can go by train,leaving behind the fear of air travel, and in the car, forgetting about the need to carry heavy luggage. Medical policy traveler tourists also not necessary, because the already existing insurance covers the whole territory of Russia.
The children, keen local history, will be happylearn a lot about his native land, and the young naturalists - watch the animals, birds and insects in their natural habitat. Young biologists boast autumn botany lessons personally collected herbarium, and young athletes demonstrate in the classroom physical education as strengthened their muscles during a swim in the rivers and lakes.
The only drawback for a holiday in Russia with childrenmay be the price of flights to cities located far from the place of residence of potential travelers, but also close to home, you can find a lot of interesting routes and attractions.

Passwords turnout addresses

Recommendations on how to organize vacation in RussiaChildren can be given in abundance. Everyone chooses one city or place where long wanted to go, the more so on the way you can see a lot of interesting things:

  • The main change trains passengers goingin Moscow. Pausing in the capital, at least for a day, you can have time to show your child the most important historical sight - the Red Square. A visit to the zoo or circus will also be an interesting point of the program stay in the capital for children of any age.
  • No less enthusiasm fraught introduction toPeter. This beautiful city is particularly impressive at the time of white nights, when his avenues and bridges look especially stately. During the summer school holidays, open and world-famous fountains of Peterhof.


  • Holidays in Russia with children
  • Holidays in Russia with children

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