What to take to Moscow. What kind of things and to take medications with them to Moscow

What to take to Moscow

What to take to Moscow

In the Russian capital is all that cantourists need. So do not collect too voluminous suitcase, going to Moscow. You will be able to buy the necessary things immediately after his arrival. Consider that in Moscow to take the person who is going there for the first time.

Choice of clothes

In summer, it is necessary to put in the suitcase easy and convenientclothes. In June and July, you can take a walk through the capital, wearing shorts and a T-shirt. In Moscow, a lot of stylish people, so the trip will be a great opportunity to showcase their fashionable clothes and buy new ones. The capital is famous for its huge shopping malls and designer boutiques. There you can buy everything. If you are going on a trip in the winter, you will need warm clothing. Although the winter frosts in Moscow last no more than three weeks in the cold season you can not do without fur coats, sheepskin coats and down jackets. In Moscow, a protracted and rainy autumn. In August it is cool, the sky is covered with clouds, it rains. But take with you do not need too many clothes. In any shopping center you will find the sale of fashion items. It is better to buy new clothes in place, than to carry very heavy bags with old things. Taking advantage of promotions and discounts, you can update your wardrobe quickly and inexpensively.
In Moscow, better to take the money, rather than to carry with themclothes. In any case items selected for the road, should be comfortable and versatile. Travel better in clothes, which is not very wrinkled and long retains a beautiful view without washing. A good option - from the tissues of things with the content of viscose. Such materials in a suitcase and not pomnutsya to wear is not very dirty. If you want to stay in a 4 * hotel and above, you should bring your evening outfit. Maybe you will not need a tuxedo, but in shorts to go there is not accepted.

How to put things into a suitcase

At the bottom we have to put the most heavy things and shoes. Next, put a light clothing. Shrinkable outfits alternate with T-shirts and knitted items. This will keep them presentable. Some things that do not require careful handling, roll up into rolls.

What medications to take on the road

In the capital to purchase the necessary medicines can notproblems. On every street there is a pharmacy. With a need to take medicines that you use constantly. On the road, you may need such tools as bandages, painkillers, antibiotic ointment, etc. In addition to medicines, it is necessary to put in a bag hygiene:. Toothbrush, wet wipes, comb, etc.

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