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Tours to Murmansk

Tours to Murmansk

Russian Murmansk is the championglobal: it is the largest among all cities in the world, located above the Arctic Circle. During the Great Patriotic northern sea port for many months I kept the defense from the German invaders, for which he received the title of the Hero City. Today tours in Murmansk - a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Russian north and enjoy the soft, but it is very beautiful nature.

History and geography

The first explorers of these places appeared onBarents Sea shore in 1912. Three years later, they founded a sea port in Murmansk, and when it is built the village, where the workers lived. The need for a port dictated by wartime conditions - was the First World. The base city - is another unique record of Murmansk. It was the last city founded in the Russian Empire and was called until 1917 Romanov-on-Murman.
Modern Murmansk stretches for twenty kilometers along the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea and in the immediate vicinity of the deployed base in Severomorsk Russian Northern Fleet.

Briefly about the importance

  • When planning trips to Murmansk, it makes sense to carefullyexamine the weather forecast. The climate here is dependent on the North and Barents Sea proximity and allows you to create soft enough to weather conditions compared with the cities located at similar latitudes. Severe frost in Murmansk are rare, and the average January temperature hovers around -10. Summer in the city is cool and humid and the temperature rarely exceeds 20 degrees.
  • Murmansk Airport is 24 kilometers fromcities. He receives daily flights from Moscow and the northern capital of Russia. Murmanchane have the opportunity to go direct flights to Norway, and Helsinki, as well as the resorts of Egypt and Turkey.
  • Participants tours in Murmansk will be interested to know that the city trolley - also champion the global scale. His routes - the northernmost in the world.
  • For fans of the history and nature of the native landMurmansk regional museum is of great interest because it demonstrates to visitors the country's only exposure seabed. Dry Aquarium is a geological findings, extracted from the earth during the drilling ultradeep wells.
  • To Murmansk port assigned to all Russian icebreakers. On board one of them - the atomic ship "Lenin" - a unique museum of the Arctic exploration was opened in 2009.


  • Tours to Murmansk
  • Tours to Murmansk

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