Tours to Kamchatka (Russia). Rest on Kamchatka: photo, trips

Tours to Kamchatka

Tours to Kamchatka

For those who took a chance and traveledon the edge of the earth, Kamchatka has prepared a lot of surprises and interesting discoveries. Excursions to the geysers and rafting, scuba diving and observation of rare animals, climbing trips and entertaining fishing expedition helicopter and snowmobile - is only a small portion of the available on Kamchatka tourist pleasures. Here at nine hours earlier than in the capital, the morning begins, and if you wish you can have time to see, do and feel ten times more than in real life. That's just the cost of tours to Kamchatka is, alas, not available to every traveler.

Core values

Kamchatka Peninsula is located on thenorth-east of Russia and stretches from north to south for 1,200 kilometers. It occupies the central part of the mountain range median, and the main attractions of the region - the famous volcanoes of Kamchatka. Total on the peninsula of more than three hundred, and every tenth - acting. UNESCO believes Kamchatka volcanoes are a great value, and therefore included in the World Heritage list.
The purity and quality of water in rivers - anotherheritage of the peninsula. Participants tours to Kamchatka, can drink water from any water body completely relaxed. It will not only perfectly clean, but also extremely tasty.
The great value of Kamchatka - its flora andvegetable world. Birds and fish, mammals and insects are presented in a large number of species, many listed as endangered. To preserve the unique nature of the peninsula created several dozens of protected areas.

Briefly about the importance

  • The airport is located on a peninsula 30kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Go on a tour to Kamchatka is easiest by plane. Regular direct flights are operated from many cities of Russia, including Moscow, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg.
  • The climate of the peninsula is different depending on the region, on the coast and if it is more soft, in the center - close to continental with severe frosts in winter and hot in summer.
  • Tours to Kamchatka - it is an opportunity to heal with the help of mineral and thermal water sources. Existing recreation facilities are outdoor swimming pools and work throughout the year.
  • Hunting is often the reason for buying tours to Kamchatka. Hunters organized in the shooting of animals permitted for the time of production of the brown bear, the polar wolf and elk.


  • Tours to Kamchatka
  • Tours to Kamchatka
  • Tours to Kamchatka

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