Unreliable representatives of the tourist market. How to recognize them and how to protect against them

Unreliable representatives of the tourist market. How to recognize them and how to protect against them

Unreliable representatives of the tourist market. How to recognize them and how to protect against them

A prerequisite to the emergence of a negativepublic opinion on the integrity of the participants of the tourist market was unnecessarily risky policy of some tour operators fulfill their obligations. For example, some tour operators, having unfulfilled obligations to service providers (hotels, airlines, etc.) continue to carry out the implementation of the tourism product, not being able to provide it. The solution was found, and tour operators are now taking money from tourists for the tour, for example, provided in three months pay services included in the tour Tours that will take place, for example, a week for other tourists. Calculation tour is aimed at the fact that the flow of tourists to it is exhausted. However, as we can see, potential tourists travel organization less and less resort to the services of tour operators or travel agencies. The consequence of this is the fact that the tour operator does not receive funds for payment service providers and, as a consequence, the journey is broken by his fault. Perhaps this is not a deliberate action to take possession of cash of tourists, but these actions have a huge impact on people's distrust of the tourism industry representatives.

Of course, there are also candid fraudsters, ie organizations that have been established for a short time only for the sake of taking possession of money by cheating tourists (abuse of trust). Trying to recover from this kind of money organizations in court at least not effectively. Here it is necessary to immediately apply to the bodies of internal affairs with the statement on the fact of committing fraud.

The first thing you must do beforeenter into contractual relations with a certain representative of the tourism industry - is to look for it on the internet reviews. Do not forget that usually leave reviews disgruntled tourists because those who journey went well, usually in no hurry to cover this event in the media. The second thing to do is to study the art. 10 and 10.1 of the Federal Law № 132 "About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation", which established a list of essential conditions that must be displayed in the contract of sale of the tourist product. Activities for the implementation of the tourism product is controlled by Rospotrebnadzor bodies which, in the case of non-compliance to the law of the contract, involve a travel agency to administrative responsibility. Trusted travel companies usually avoid problems with the supervisory authorities.

Also, you should pay attention to the cost oftourism product, if it is significantly lower than that of other travel companies, we should not deceive ourselves and think that you were given a discount. Usually, the extremely low price of tourism services is a way to lure unsuspecting customers.

In accordance with Clause. 9 RF Government Decree of 18.07.2007 number 452 "On Approval of Rules of provision of services for the implementation of the tourism product," according to the customer's request the travel agent provides consumer information on the essential terms of the contract concluded between the tour operator and travel agent that implements the tourist product, formed by the tour operator. Thus, once you learn the tour operator, who will provide you with tourist services, will not be more than ask the travel company information essential terms of cooperation of the latter with the tour operator. If the representatives of tourist firms are beginning to move away from the provision of such information - this is a "wake-up call", as perhaps no cooperation between travel companies and tour operators specified in the contract, not as such.

Also, in the "Internet" on the official websiteRostourism publicly available register of tour operators there. The tour operator is not included in the said register, it has no right to engage in tour operator activities. The absence of a tour operator in the register of tour operators - a good reason to abandon the purchase of the tour. Moreover, at the moment there is a register of travel agents engaged in the implementation of the tourism product, formed by the tour operator. Travel agents enter into it voluntarily. The presence of a particular travel agent in the register of travel agents - gives reason to believe that a travel agent acting in good faith.

If the contract you have already concluded it is necessary to spendtime to advance the call to the hotel / host company to clarify information about payment of residence. For example, in "Legal Agency Persona Grata" asked a tourist to the following situation description: A tourist has signed a contract with the company "Meeting of the World" for the provision of accommodation in Abkhazia. Tickets purchased by a tourist yourself. About 4 days before the beginning of the provision of services, the director of the tourist company stopped communicating and constantly absent from the office, despite the agreement with the tourist organization to discuss the transfer from the airport to the accommodation facility. Tourists alarmed by this turn of events, and she decided to call directly to the host company for thinning the possibility of providing services. The representative of the host company explained that this a tourist reservation was canceled and the money refunded to the card said director of travel company.

Starting from this situation, as arecommendations, tips for travelers, in the event of the slightest concerns regarding the travel company, take the time and the opportunity to clarify the provision of services directly from the service providers. Thus, you can minimize the potential losses that may arise as a result of unfair actions of the participants of the tourist market.

Vadim Pogorelov,
Lawyer claims and claim department
LTD "Law Agency Persona Grata"


  • Unreliable representatives of the tourist market. How to recognize them and how to protect against them

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