Youth Russia hotels. Best hotels for youth recreation in Russia

Youth Russia hotels

Youth Russia hotels

Huge opportunities are opening up for tourismRussian traveler in his own country, if the matter is approached creatively travel arrangements and consider every detail. Too expensive flights and hotels, you say? This, too, is easily remedied, because each airline periodically arranges sales and ambitious actions and youth Russian hotels allow even a student or a young family budget to spend the night in a pleasing city.

What is a hostel, and what it eats?

With English the word "hostel" is translated quitebanal and means "Hostel". Young people in Europe and the US is a long time just such a way to stay for the night, because hostels have a number of advantages:

  • Price. Night in a youth hotel in Russia or any other country cost several times cheaper than in a conventional hotel.
  • Location. Hostels open, usually in the center of the city to compensate for the absence of the guests a special service in the room the proximity of cultural and historical values. And the money for the trip to the attractions of leaves significantly less.
  • Ability to communicate with like-minded people. Youth Russia hotels - this is the place tourists meet, united by common ideas and interests. Here you can always find a companion to share experiences and interesting observations and get lots of free tips and advice.

Russia's hostels are often open in the ordinaryhomes, but because each guest can use the kitchen to prepare breakfast or dinner. As a rule, in any hotel of this type offers - washing machine, dryer, iron and ironing board and a coffee machine. Shared bathroom - not a problem, because the rhythm of life and mode of guests rarely coincide, and therefore the queues in the shower is not the case almost never.
Even buying full room in a hostel, you cansignificantly reduce the cost of living expenses in comparison with the usual hotel, and if the journey takes part company, then such a way to spend the night becomes particularly advantageous.

Choose direction

The desire to visit the capital or Peter usuallyencounters very heavy for a young person prices for hotels. One night in a hotel in Moscow can eat the lion's share of the budget, and therefore the hostel - the best option for such trips.
Going to the Far East from the Europeanof the country or vice versa, always a tourist to spend large sums for air or train tickets, and stop for the night in one of the youth Russian hotels will help reduce other costs to a minimum.


  • Youth Russia hotels
  • Youth Russia hotels

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