Airport in San Marino: diagram photo. How to get to San Marino Airport

Airport in San Marino

Airport in San Marino

San Marino is one of the smallestcountries in the world, rather it is on the third line, after Monaco and Vatican City. Unfortunately, in San Marino, its own airport, but there are several options, some located near airports, through which you can get to San Marino.

Rimini Airport

The nearest airport is in San Marino is inthe Italian city of Rimini. The airport is named after the famous Italian producer Federico Fellini. It is located about 25 kilometers from San Marino and is most often used by tourists to travel to that State.
The Federico Fellini airport produce seasonal flights of several Russian cities - Moscow, Samara, Chelyabinsk and others.
The airport has all the necessary services for a quality service to its guests. Every year served about 800 thousand passengers a year.

Airport to Forli

Forli Airport is located approximately 70kilometers from San Marino. This airport is named after the famous Italian pilot Ridolfi. The airport has one runway, 2.5 kilometers in length. Every year served more than 260 thousand passengers. The airport has all the necessary services on the road.

Palermo Airport

Another airport, from which you can get inSan Marino, serves the city of Palermo. It is located about 130 kilometers from the state. This airport is named in honor of two fighters with the Mafia - Falcone Borsellino. Airport cooperating many companies, among which stands out the largest low cost airline in Europe - Ryanair.
The airport has two runways, length of 3320 and 2070 meters. Every year served more than 4.3 million passengers.

Bologna Airport

The last airport which should be considered inas an intermediate point, when traveling to San Marino - this airport in Bologna. It is located about the same distance as the airport in Palermo - about 130 kilometers. The airport is named after Guglielmo Marconi. This airport is included in the 10 largest airports in Italy, in terms of annual passenger flow. In the year here served about 6.2 million passengers. Many flights serving airline Ryanair. Also here from Moscow regular flights twice a week.

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