San Marino population. The number of San Marino population: features, weight, composition

Demographics of San Marino

Demographics of San Marino

San Marino has a population of over 33,000 people.

According to legend, it appeared in 300 AD thanks to Christian-mason Marino, who managed to establish a community here, together with other adherents of Christianity (the state is named after him).

The national structure of San Marino is represented by:

  • sanmarintsami (80%);
  • Italians.

It is worth noting that most sanmarintsev moved to permanent residence in Italy and France.

On the 1 sq km is home to 408 people.

Official language - Italian.

The largest cities are San Marino, Serravalle, Borgo Maggiore, Domagnano, Acquaviva, Faetano, Kezanova, Ferentino, Montegiardino.

Most of the inhabitants of San Marino are Roman Catholic.

life expectancy

Sanmarintsy on average live to 81 years (women live to 85 and men - up to 78 years).

In medical institutions of San Marino, whichwell-equipped, highly qualified staff. It is worth noting that the first aid in the country is free and very rapid, but over the next treatment in local clinics would have to pay (it is advisable to acquire international standard insurance).

The traditions and customs of the inhabitants of San Marino

Sanmarintsy protective of their traditions: in their opinion - they are descendants of the ancient Romans. This is due to the fact that the country is run by 2 Captain Regent, and in ancient Rome to the task cope 2 consul.

Sanmarintsy like to actively spend their leisure time -they ride on roller skates, play tennis, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, shooting on the plates, go hunting and fishing.

In the San Marino event of interest,which takes place at the State Palace, situated in Piazza della Libertà - from May to September here every hour, anyone can look at the spectacular changing of the guard.

Sanmarintsy love to party: their favorite festival - Giornate Medievali (26-29 July). It is colorful and noisy carnival.

Locals - friendly and sociable (butUnlike the Italians, they are not as impulsive and expansive) if tourists need help, they always help. In addition, sanmarintsy very considerate, so all conflicts are solved through negotiations.

If you are thinking of San Marino note that here, as in neighboring Italy, different institutions, offices and shops are closed for siesta (they do not work from 14: 00-16: 00).

In memory of San Marino is to buy jewelry, local wine, furniture, ceramic objects and products made of wrought iron.


  • Demographics of San Marino

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