Features of Saudi Arabia - communication, kitchen, tradition

Features of Saudi Arabia

Features of Saudi Arabia

This kingdom, occupying most of theThe Arabian Peninsula, has another very beautiful name - "Country of the two mosques." Are taken into account not just places of worship, and the main centers of the Islamic faith - Mecca, which aims to get every true Muslim, and the old Medina, a pipe dream, a non-Muslim tourists. National characteristics of Saudi Arabia is also inextricably linked to the deep religiosity of local residents.

Home religion

Officially, the only recognized religion inSaudi Arabia is Islam. Recently there has been some relaxation to tourists, including those of other faiths. Entry into the territory of the country is already enabled, but to hold services is prohibited by law.

This country has a religious police, so tourists should be prepared for a meeting with its representatives, who may even make claims about appearance.

National clothes

On the territory of the State are sufficientstricter rules, especially with regard to local women. They wear a dress that has a free cover. Additionally, it should cover the hair. Abay (dress) completely conceals the female figure. Men also long dresses and hats that justified too dry and hot climate.

With regard to visitors, tourists are not rulestough, no one needs to visit, representatives of the female half, dressed in abaya. Although too open, short, outrageous fashions and unacceptable religious police patrol the streets and public places can be fined for inappropriate (in their opinion) appearance.

Men are also worth a tour to reconsider your wardrobe, leave in the suitcase open shirts and shorts, opting for light pants and shirts with long sleeves.

The national gastronomic tradition

There are also quite strict rules,which are subject to, without exception, and residents and visitors. First of all, the prohibition applies to alcohol. As most locals profess Islam, there is almost no pork.

On the other hand, you can find the nationaldishes that have proliferated in Europe and America. For example, a kebab, or shawarma, chicken that are cooked on the grill. Use in Saudi Arabia and vegetables, and fruit, actively use a variety of spices. tea traditions and well developed, and the coffee in Arabic gained fame far beyond the country.


  • Features of Saudi Arabia
  • Features of Saudi Arabia
  • Features of Saudi Arabia

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