Holidays Saudi Arabia - tradition. National holidays in Saudi Arabia

Holidays Saudi Arabia

Holidays Saudi Arabia

All of Saudi Arabia and Islamic holidays are of a religious character. The celebration begins simultaneously with the setting of the sun, and continue until the next sunset.


This is one of the most revered Islamic holidaysculture. According to legend, in the 27th day of the month of the Prophet descended revelation. That night, Muslims celebrate Night of predestination, which became the most pious Islamic holiday.

Throughout the month it is celebrated several holidays. All this time, residents observe a strict fast. The end of Ramadan is celebrated holiday razgovleniya.


The main celebration of Saudi Arabia and we havethe twelfth month of the Muslim calendar. This is the time of pilgrimage to Mecca. These days, a huge number of pilgrims visit the holy seeks to place the residents of the country. It is the sacred Kaaba, stove Maccabim-Ibrahim Al-Masjid al-Haram, Zamzam well and others.

Every believer is certainly visiting Medina, its places of worship: the Prophet's Mosque and the Mosque of al-Taqwa and Cuba.

Country for two weeks will close all government offices. Similarly, the act and many commercial establishments in Saudi Arabia.


This is the only festive event nothaving a religious foundation. Festival of culture and folklore is celebrated in the month of February and lasts for two weeks. During the event, held the royal Racing camels.

Feast of sacrifice

The basis of the holiday was the biblical story, buta slightly different interpretation. In the original, a sacrifice to God was to be the only son of Abraham, Isaac. But Muslims are "replaced" him Ishmael, Isaac, automatically making the second son of Abraham. Almighty praised devotion to Abraham, who has decided to sacrifice the eldest son, and allowed to replace it with the thumbscrew.

The celebration begins with the day of sacrificethe morning. In the afternoon, after all the religious rites, we can proceed to the very rite. Meat lamb slain for cooking various dishes. Skimp on entertainment in this day can not be so poor and hungry people of the country are also involved in the feast.

Eid ul-Fitr (the feast razgovleniya)

Prepare for it are already beginning 4 days prior to the start. At this time, the house will be cleaned, and then decorate it nicely. On the eve of the evening, a woman preparing holiday meals, and children need to spread their home of other relatives.

On the day of celebration it decided to distribute alms, as every citizen should be able to enjoy a great holiday.


  • Holidays Saudi Arabia
  • Holidays Saudi Arabia
  • Holidays Saudi Arabia

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