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Tours in Mecca

Tours in Mecca

Homeland of the Prophet Mohammed and the holy city foreveryone who practices Islam, Mecca appears in the works of Diodorus of Sicily. The Greek historian of I century BC I wrote about a place in Arabia, where there is a holy temple for all Arabs. Located in Mecca, the Kaaba was the center of cult worship of the Gentiles until VII century, when local people have not accepted Islam. Today take a tour of the pilgrimage to Mecca called the hajj - the sacred cause for every Muslim, as in pagan times.

profitable tourism

Proceeds from the pilgrimage are particularly importantto Mecca and the whole of the Arabian Peninsula. The city is growing and its infrastructure is developing in the direction of meeting the needs of more and more willing to touch the Islamic shrines. Modern shopping malls, skyscrapers and hotels are being built throughout the city, many of which have become landmarks of world importance.

What keeps the Kaaba?

At the heart of the city, who seeks everyparticipant travel to Mecca is the Grand Mosque, which took modern form in 1570. Its courtyard is surrounded by eight-meter white stone walls, and in the center of the courtyard stands a quadrangular Kaaba. The main shrine of Muslims is about 80 meters in circumference. The height of the Kaaba is slightly greater than 13 meters, and in one of its corners put the Black Stone, who was at one time, according to the faithful, in paradise. They believe that the Kaaba itself was built by angels.
It takes place around the Muslim shrinesritual circumambulation during Hajj, and it also serves as a benchmark that is accessed by Muslims around the world at the time of prayer. About Kaaba mentions the Koran, calling it the first structure for worship.

Briefly about the importance

  • In Mecca there is the airport and the air traffic is possibleonly to Jeddah - the economic capital of Saudi Arabia. Since Jeddah - this port on the Red Sea, many pilgrims come to perform the Hajj to Mecca is the sea. In Jeddah, according to legend is buried tomb of Eve and the progenitor of mankind - one of the city's attractions. Get to Mecca from here by bus or car.
  • The hottest months in Mecca - May-September, when the temperature surpasses 50. In winter - "cool" - to +30.
  • And finally, the most important thing: things to do in Mecca may only Muslims and attempt to deceive the authorities, can end the risk not only for freedom but also for life.


  • Tours in Mecca
  • Tours in Mecca

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