Christmas in Serbia, traditions, photo. How to celebrate Christmas in Serbia 2016

Christmas in Serbia

Christmas in Serbia

To go to celebrate Christmas in Serbia -great idea for fans of low-cost vacation, the quality of which can put a convincing "five". Ski slopes and beautiful nature, the traditional Balkan hospitality and mineral healing springs, unpretentious architecture and mild climate, all this makes the country very competitive in a number of European tourist neighbors.

Oak branch

Christmas in Serbia celebrate on the same day as thein Russia. On Christmas Eve, according to the custom of the family head I went into the forest and cut down there three blows oak branch. It burns in the morning was Christmas, and sparks from the fire to symbolize joy, luck, profit in the house. It called badnjak this branch, and the tradition dates back to the gifts of the Magi. They brought a piece of wood to warm the manger in which the Saviour was born.
Today Serbs prefer to buy a song from the oak branches and install it at home as a memory of the customs of their ancestors. But in every temple on Christmas Eve in Serbia badnjak entered in our days.
Towns and villages in the country are starting to prepare for thebright holiday in advance. Houses are decorated with wreaths and branches of spruce, hang garlands and decorate Christmas trees. Tables Serbs in festive attire literally bursting with treats. Traditionally served here chesnitsu - Christmas bread - and lamb meat with vegetables and cottage cheese.

The cultural program

Visit Serbia on winter vacation, then get acquainted with the history of European states, which have passed the hard way over the years of its existence.
The capital of Belgrade - the city in which the focusthe main cultural and architectural attractions. Travelers come here to the Old Palace and the Ethnographic Museum, acquainted with the collection of the National Gallery of paintings and travel to the fortress Brankovic Smederevo in the suburbs.
Kragujevac The town is famous for its cathedral,built in the Byzantine style, and Subotica - the Gothic Cathedral of St. George and Hungarian cuisine in the restaurant, where meals were here because of proximity to the neighboring country.
On Christmas Day in Serbia is particularly excitingIt will seem a trip to the valley of the Morava river, where the monks built the Trinity complex, called Serbian Mount Athos. Monasteries like swallows' nests, is located on a hillside.
Just a few hours of flight, and friendlySerbia will be at your feet with all its secrets, mysteries and natural beauty. Country of good traditions that its inhabitants are carefully through the years, is waiting for its guests and promises them a great vacation and a lot of positive impressions.

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