How to fly from Belgrade to Moscow? Time of flight Belgrade - Moscow

How to fly from Belgrade to Moscow?

How to fly from Belgrade to Moscow?

In Belgrade, you could walk through the Stari Grad,see the house of Prince Milos Palace of Princess Ljubica, the Temple of Saint Sava, relax on the beach of Ada Ciganlija and the adjacent park area, admire the Serbian costumes and objects of folk art at the Ethnographic Museum, dance clubs "Dance Club" and "9th floor" , ride on a vintage train "" Romance "and" Blue train ", a fun time in the water park" Zivkovic "? And soon you will fly to Moscow?

How to fly from Belgrade to Moscow (direct flight)?

1700 km - the distance between the capitals of Serbia from Russia (the flight takes more than 2 hours). With "Air Serbia" and "Aeroflot" in flight you will spend 2 hours and 45 minutes, and with "Jat Airways" - 2 hours 40 minutes.

15900 rubles - the average price of tickets Belgrade-Moscow (in the spring and in July there is a chance to buy them at 9200-10200 rubles).

Flight Belgrade-Moscow with connections

Take a transplant is possible in Munich, Vienna, Prague,Paris, Podgorica and other cities (the trip takes 5-17 hours, depending on the town dock). Transplant in Bucharest ( "TAROM", "Aeroflot") will extend your trip for 5.5 hours in Vienna ( "Austrian Airlines") - 8.5 hours, in Tivat ( "Montenegro Airlines") - 5.5 hours in Istanbul ( "Turkish Airlines") - 9.5 hours, in Podgorica ( "Montenegro Airlines") - 6 hours, in Düsseldorf ( "Air Berlin") - 8 hours, in Rome ( "Alitalia") - 7 hours, Vienna and Warsaw ( "Austrian Airlines") - 6.5 hours.

Selection of the carrier

This route service Embraer RJ 170-195, Airbus A320, Fokker 70 and other aircraft of one of the following airlines: "Jat Airways"; "Air Serbia"; "Aeroflot"; "KLM".

Registry Belgrade-Moscow flight (dailyperformed by 8 flights) engaged employees airport Nikola Tesla (BEG), remote from the center of Belgrade is 12 km (travel before it can be carried on the bus number 72, the mini-bus number E7 taxi "Pink Taxi" or "Zuti Taxi") .

Tourists waiting for your flight will be able to visitboutiques, where you can acquire the textile, souvenirs and printed materials, internet cafes, cafes and restaurants (the most popular - "Land Side"), to stay in comfortable rooms of rest, go to the special counter, where you can get the necessary background information, to resort to the services of insurance companies or banks "Kommercijana Bank Belgrad" and "Alpha Bank Serbija".

What to do in an airplane?

Flight time should be devoted to thinking,so that you can decide who to present Belgrade souvenirs in the form of leather and knitwear, knitted garments, the old Yugoslav money, the Serbian national instruments, herbal teas, Serbian cheese, plum jam, amulets - bags with basil.


  • How to fly from Belgrade to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Belgrade to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Belgrade to Moscow?

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