Taxis in Belgrade - price, order. How much is a taxi in Belgrade

Taxis in Belgrade

Taxis in Belgrade

Taxi Belgrade is presented as official,and informal carriers: licensed vehicles can be identified by a 4-digit number plate "Taxi", working with the labels and taximeter rates attached to the glass.

Taxi services in Belgrade

If desired, the machine can be stopped on the street,raising his hand (not recommended to sit in a taxi on the street Terazije - for 1 km path you may be asked to pay 15 euros!) or find a taxi in the parking lot located on large areas, busy streets and close to shopping centers (because drivers drive at a time here, it is advisable to get into the car, standing to the right of the others). Tip: If you do not want to pay the fare, do not use the services of private traders.

Phones, which can make a callTaxi: Pink Taxi: + 381 11 9803; Beogradski Taxi: + 381 11 9801; Lux Taxi: + 381 11 303 3123. After the application the dispatcher informs the approximate time in which the machine will be filed: if you order a taxi to the center, the car will arrive within 3 minutes, and if on the outskirts of the city - for 10-15 minutes.

It should be noted that well-known taxi servicetaking orders in the Serbian language, but, despite the fact that the English-speaking dispatchers work there, often they are busy, which may create some difficulties for tourists who do not speak Serbian. Important: traveling with pets should be kept in mind that the taxi driver is entitled to refuse to transport them.

The cost of a taxi in Belgrade

If you wish to see the rates and learn inHow much will the trip from the airport to the hotel, you can have a special counter Taxi Info (you can find it in the arrivals area) - there you will learn about the approximate price of travel and travel time, as well as receive a voucher with the prices fixed on it.

And the next tariff system will help you sort out the pricing and see how much is a taxi in Belgrade:

  • planting costs starts from 160 dinars;
  • one km in the daytime costs to passengers65 dinars, and for the trip through the night rate applicable after 10 pm and 6 am, and on holidays and weekends will have to pay 85 dinars / 1 km;
  • simple paid at the price of 700 dinars / 1 hour.

If you intend to travel betweencities, your trip will be calculated based on the price of 130 dinars / 1 km, and for the baggage you will have to pay 100 dinars (this applies to every 3, 4, 5 suitcases). The average trip in the direction of Airport "Nikola Tesla" - Belgrade Center is 1000-1500 dinars.

Paying the fare amount of the bill passed round to the driver, but if you are not satisfied with his work or behavior, you can pay for a trip calculation.

Guests have access to the Serbian capital - trams, trolleys, buses, taxis ... But it's best to get acquainted with the city and get to the desired destination on the local taxis.

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  • Taxis in Belgrade
  • Taxis in Belgrade

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