Tours in Belgrade (Serbia). Holiday in Belgrade: photo, trips

Tours in Belgrade

Tours in Belgrade

The main city of Serbia, was once the capital of thestate of Yugoslavia, Belgrade is situated on the Danube, at the confluence of the Sava river in it. Attractions Serbian capital and its historical significance in the life of Balkan states allowed to nominate a city for the title of the cultural capital of the Old World for 2020. In the meantime, things to do in Belgrade are gaining increasing popularity among the Russian travelers. The reason for this, and not too long flight, and the similarity of languages ​​and cultures, and the famous Serbian hospitality.

On the glorious past

Historians claim that the Serbian capital forDuring its existence, it conquered forty armies, and almost the same time virtually rebuilt. Belgrade, the city became known only in the IX century, but the name did not bring the desired peace of mind of its residents. They again and again won the Bulgarians, the Turks, then the Austrians.
Today, more than a million people live in the capital of Serbia, among which Montenegro, and Yugoslavia, Serbs, Roma, and even the Chinese.

Briefly about the importance

  • The climate in the Serbian capital, close to theMediterranean, despite the fact that the sea is located far enough. In winter the thermometer rarely goes below zero, and in the summer there is no intense heat and 30 rare even in July. Most sunny days in the summer months, and in April and September, the least precipitation. It was during this period of tours in Belgrade can produce the most favorable impression on those who came here for the first time.
  • The international airport is located 18kilometers to the west, and is named after the great son of the Serbian people of Nikola Tesla. From a historical part of Belgrade's airport bound city bus routes and special bus service of the local airlines.
  • To move on the Serbian capital as part of tourBelgrade will have on buses or trams. Subway is located in an unfinished state, and the two existing stations are not able to satisfy even the average tourist interest.
  • One of the most famous museums in the Serbian capital- White yard. The former residence of the royal family, the palace of white stone keeps its exhibition halls works of genius artists, including Rembrandt and Poussin, Bourdon and Veronese.
  • Popular with owners of tours in Belgrade and enjoy trips to the Great War Island at the confluence of the Sava with the Danube. There is a natural reserve of Serbia.


  • Tours in Belgrade
  • Tours in Belgrade

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