Where to eat in Belgrade - cheap and tasty

Where to eat in Belgrade?

Where to eat in Belgrade?

"Where to eat in Belgrade?"- A topical issue for travelers who come to stay in the Serbian capital. There are plenty of dining options, including eateries, Turkish lokantov (here you can feast on kebabs) and bakery (you can buy sandwiches and muffins). In local establishments you will be able to try the lamb cooked on a spit, "veshalitsu" (juicy chops stuffed with vegetables), "dzhuvech" (a rice dish, a stew of meat and vegetables), stuffed cabbage "sarma", soup with wild herbs, tomatoes, stuffed smoked fish.

Where to eat in Belgrade cheap?

In a typically Serbian taverns - Kafanov - youserved simple homemade food at reasonable prices. So, you can go to "Znak Pitanja", where popular dishes are veshalitsa and chevapchichi. Budget meal can be in numerous snack bars and fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds. For example, you can look at the fast-food restaurant "Bicko" - here you can order a pizza and sandwiches at reasonable prices.

Where to eat in Belgrade tasty?

  • Kalemegdanska terasa: This restaurant, located on the territory of the Belgrade fortress, pleases its guests with an organic menu and panoramic views of the city and the Danube. It is worth to try the soup of vegetables and porcini mushrooms, salmon fillet marinated in teriyaki sauce, rolls with beef and foie gras in truffle sauce. In addition, the restaurant has a terrace, areas for smokers and nonsmokers.
  • Konoba Kod Goce i Renata: This fish restaurant, located on the banks of the Danube, you can enjoy a variety of dishes based on fish. In addition, there is a children's playground.
  • Ruski car: this restaurant specializes in European and Serbian cuisine. This place will appeal to lovers of pizza - they then will be able to eat pizza "KGB" with three kinds of cheese, "Russian tsar" with mushrooms and ham, a-la rus "Ivan the Terrible" with mozzarella, pesto and olives.
  • Lorenzo & Kakalamba: specialty of this restaurant - international cuisine, Serbian and Italian cuisine. It should be noted that the products in this restaurant come with Serbian pastures (cheese, lamb, pepper) and Tuscany (olive oil, salami and ham, cheese and mascarpone Burato, flour). Here you can enjoy the handmade ravioli with spinach, ricotta and parmesan, Tuscan steak with arugula and cheese, beef soup with dumplings, salmon, grilled.
  • Tribeca: in the menu of this restaurant you will find delicious dishes such as pancakes with pine nuts and apples, beef steak with truffle butter and grilled vegetables, turkey with gorgonzola and mlintsami baked octopus with tomatoes and potatoes.

Gastronomic tours of Belgrade

In addition to visiting schools with authentic national cuisine, within a gastronomic tour of Belgrade offers to visit the wine cellars Vukoe, where you will taste different varieties of wines.

Belgrade will amaze you with its architecture, sights, atmosphere, delicious Serbian cuisine.


  • Where to eat in Belgrade?
  • Where to eat in Belgrade?
  • Where to eat in Belgrade?

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