Rent a car in Serbia. Car rental in Serbia - prices

Rent a car in Serbia

Rent a car in Serbia

To get the most indelible impressionsfrom travel for Serbia, as the picturesque country, your best bet is to use a car hire. Because transportation is very far from ideal. And in Serbia rented car you can easily go wherever you would call a gust of mind, you will get an excellent opportunity to choose the route and places to stop. In addition, rent a car in Serbia is available all year round. The most budget option for car rental - is the order of the machine directly to the airport.

Rent a car and will eliminate a number oforganizational problems. Rent a car - this is a good way to see the beauty of Serbia, to choose the direction and speed of moving from one tourist attraction to another. For example, a trip through the streets of Belgrade will delight the magic architecture of the city, so whether or not to pass by all this magnificence quickly? It is better to stop, get out and enjoy the fabulous medieval atmosphere.

Realizing the benefits of such a solution, look for informationand make sure you understand the traffic regulations of Serbia. Your rights must not be expired. But it's best to have an international driving license. The country has a landscape that is likely you do not have to necessarily choose the cars with all-wheel drive. But this machine will enhance your chances. It may well be that you'd better rent a car with air conditioning, not a convertible with a folding roof. Think about how much you need additional services. For example, the presence of child seats.

According to the requirements, car rental in Serbiaavailable to anyone who already has 21 years, and who has a valid rights. The best thing would be to have rights of IDPs or the EU sample. Otherwise, you can descend on a penalty.

Where to go in Serbia on car

On the other hand, traveled to Serbia, youTreat yourself to a wonderful introduction to a very rich history of this wonderful country. You can visit the old fortresses, ancient monasteries and medieval towns. You will be able to realize the extent to which Serbia is a huge museum of beautiful nature under the open sky. Here, an incredible abundance of cultural monuments and antiquities, rich fishing and hunting grounds. You also expect health resorts and very varied landscapes.

If you love mountains, then there are all conditions forsuch tourism. Here mild climate, and the mountains have a moderate height, which gives the opportunity to relax in the country in both summer and winter. Famous towns such as Sarah, Tara, Fruska Gora, Kopaonik and with their spectacular scenery. All these places are national nature reserves.

Kopaonik is situated at an altitude of 2017 m aboveseas. This ridge having a width of 50 km and a length of 120 km. There are many monasteries. But there is a modern center of sports and recreational tourism. It is located in Zlatibor. Here is a sample of diverse holiday in Serbia!


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