Holidays in Serbia with children - photos, spas

Holidays with children in Serbia

Holidays with children in Serbia

Little untwisted European Traveldirection allows to kill several birds with one stone: to relax cheaply, do not push too tight crowd wanting to touch and see the sights of the country, which boasts pristine nature and especially the mentality of its inhabitants, so close to the Russian. In other words, stay in Serbia with the children is going to be successful if a positive attitude and do not pay attention to some roughness.

"For" or "Against"?

Its disadvantages small and hardworking SerbiaHe knows very well. Too little time has passed since the last war, but because too serious competition in the European market its tourist neighboring country is may not make. Here everything is simple, without frills and unnecessary bombast, but for the rest with children in Serbia do not need luxury or special technological equipment. The main thing - it is the hospitality of the local people and their desire for positive change.

Preparing properly

Kitchen of Serbia is very close to the Ukrainian orBulgarian and quite suitable even for small children. In the menu, a lot of dairy products, vegetable dishes and portion sizes allows you to save money by ordering a salad or hot for two people with a baby.
Prior to the trip better to get medicalinsurance policy to unforeseen situations not to cause havoc purse. Do not leave belongings unattended, especially in crowded places, but for the children here can be absolutely calm Serbs love kids and will take care of them as their own.

Passwords turnout addresses

Popular resorts for holidays in Serbia with children - skiing and balneological:

  • Kapaonik and Stara Planina - a Mecca for those whoIt prefers a reasonable combination of price and quality during the winter holidays. The local slopes are suitable for beginners and advanced athletes, and there are special ski school for children. Russian-speaking instructors help you to stay on the hillside and will teach all the necessary subtleties of this sport.
  • Medicinal properties were Serb sourcesknown to the ancient Romans, we settled in due time all over the Balkans. The resorts Vranska Banja and Zlatibor children and their parents treat curative mud and mineral springs, thermal baths and oxygen cocktails. This holiday in Serbia with children to support the immune system and give the kids a lot of strength and health for the coming academic year.


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