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Education in Singapore

Education in Singapore

Singapore earned the nickname "city of the future"and in many respects this applies to education (many of Singapore's universities are the best universities in the world). What are the advantages of education in Singapore?

  • High level of education (with Singaporean universities cooperate Harvard, Wharton, MIT);
  • Reasonable tuition fees;
  • Language teaching and Singapore official language - English;
  • The possibility to do an internship at the leading international companies (this applies to students enrolled on economic and financial professions).

Higher Education in Singapore

For admission to the University of Singapore need to know English (IELTS / TOEFL-test) and pass an entrance exam in the form of passage of the SAT 1 and SAT 2.

Wishes to study information technology andengineering, can enroll in the National University of Singapore. Here you can learn from such departments as business, humanities and social sciences, law, design, ecology. In Nyanyangskom Institute of Technology can learn humanitarian, social and biological sciences, design, art, engineering, physics and mathematics.

You can get a higher education in Singaporepolytechnics, the main profile of which the engineering profession. These institutions prepare students for practicing (they usually do not engage in research projects), so at the end of the training they receive a bachelor's degree. For example, at the Polytechnic Institute Nghe Ann can study business and accounting, information technology, film and media. Here fans will enjoy learning robots, because this university - a national leader in the field of robotics and automation.

Business education in Singapore

Singapore business school - the school of international class, learning which is lower than in similar institutions of the American and European levels.

MBA programs of business schools arefurther and higher education are aimed at adults who want to gain knowledge in the field of business and the global economy. You can go to business school, he worked at the National University of Singapore (duration of studies - 17 months or longer). In this school, you can study in the evening, which is especially important for those who work during the day.

Training in business school taught in English, and its graduates will get a great chance to find a job in Singapore (they can claim for the position of top manager).

Singapore - promising Asian country received higher education in which you can get a ticket to a good and prosperous life.

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  • Education in Singapore
  • Education in Singapore
  • Education in Singapore
  • Education in Singapore
  • Education in Singapore

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