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Tourism in Singapore

Tourism in Singapore

To go into the future, taking a seat in theconventional aircraft, it is quite possible, especially if the end point of the flight will be Singapore. His futuristic cityscapes, skyscrapers and the tallest Ferris wheel will strike the heart.

Here, any will find something for everyone, becausethat tourism in Singapore under the scrutiny of the authorities and working in this field. On the one hand, there is a huge number of prohibitions, so tourists had better be very careful on the street, on the other hand, there are plenty of entertainment for adults and for young travelers.

Complete peace of mind

Due to the fact that the crime rate is verylow, a country guest feel perfectly safe. It is clear that to keep the purse on the counter of the bar or the store can not, however, one can be quite sure of his property in the transport market, the mall.

The second point that must be remembered GuestSingapore, - respect for the local faith and religious buildings. Therefore, when choosing a tour of the Indian temple or mosque complexes is necessary to select the appropriate wardrobe. At the entrance to leave shoes at the door.

His Disneyland

Singapore residents quietly formed a circletourists, erect unique structures that are identical to the American or European, thereby emphasizing that the fantastic can relax in their own country, without having to travel anywhere.

On the island of Sentosa thus appeared parkentertainment, similar to Disneyland Paris. A lot of dizzying rides for the most daring visitors, and quiet, quiet games for kids, colorful festival and shows are held throughout the year.

More recently, the complex appearednew facilities, which were immediately chosen by children and adults. The company of young residents of Singapore and their peers from abroad have tested the slides and artificial ponds in a luxury water park, where there is even a swimming pool with sea water and live inhabitants. Adults also like, of course, have the aquarium, the largest in the world.

The kingdom of fauna

Not only the underwater world, but also the land of hisinhabitants may be of interest to the tourist. This is known to the employees of the Singapore Zoo, home to a flock of exotic birds and a large colony of orangutans and other interesting animals. It was here that the famous Ferris wheel, allowing you to look down upon this beauty.


  • Tourism in Singapore
  • Tourism in Singapore
  • Tourism in Singapore

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