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Treatment in Singapore

Treatment in Singapore

WHO has recognized the healthcare system in Singaporethe best in Asia and one of the most advanced in the world, and she walked on the effectiveness of such monsters, like the US and Israeli medicine. Treatment in Singapore for some time prefer to Russian citizens, even more so, that the combination of "price-quality" in some local clinics provided services to more than perfect.

important rules

Control over the quality of healthService carries out health inspection, and assessment criteria are consistent with accepted in most developed countries of the world standards. Almost all doctors are trained at clinics in Europe and the United States and regularly exchange experiences with colleagues at international symposia. Several clinics offering the treatment in Singapore, are accredited by the American Society independent of JCI, which is the highest degree of recognition on a global level.

How to help here?

Singapore's health system providesavailability of health insurance among its citizens, which is purchased by or paid by the employer. Foreign citizens are usually the services of private clinics, where there is no need for a queue waiting to perform a particular routine manipulation or procedure.

Methods and Achievements

Facilities with the most modern clinicsequipment, ongoing research in the field of biotechnology, a high degree of training of specialists allow Singapore doctors to work miracles and to cope with the most complex and advanced forms of disease.

The most popular treatment in Singapore is enjoyed by those who require major surgery:

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting and cardiac valve prosthesis successfully implemented in several clinics in the country.
  • Orthopedic Hospital possibilities include operation prosthetic hip and knee joints.

Price issue

The cost of treatment significantly lower in Singapore,than in the US or Europe, but because the medical tourism in the rapidly developing country in Asia is gaining momentum with each passing year. For example, hip replacement surgery here would cost about 15 thousand. $, Which is about three times cheaper than in a clinic in New York, and heart surgery will cost about 25 thousand. $. Price conventional medical examination starting at $ 20, a blood test - $ 50 per day while in the recovery room, depending on its comfort, will have to pay from $ 30.


  • Treatment in Singapore
  • Treatment in Singapore
  • Treatment in Singapore

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