The best resorts in Slovakia. The best Slovak resorts for rest

The best resorts in Slovakia

The best resorts in Slovakia

Slovakia - a country of thousand castles andfortresses, surrounded by incredibly beautiful scenery. Slovakia is ready to offer any kind of holiday. This ski vacation, and treatment in sanatoriums, and very exciting sightseeing tours. The best resorts in Slovakia, even compared with the famous Swiss resort, and the only difference - the price is much lower.


Smokovec, High and Low Tatras, the beautifulBratislava - these places are familiar to all tourists who visited at least once in Slovenia. But they are not the only ones who deserve attention. Kosice - one of the largest industrial centers of the country did, in fact, absolutely impossible: here in its original form to preserve the historical part of the city. The first mention of the city dates back to the 13th century! It is a unique combination of old buildings and the landscape of the modern city with its multi-storey skyscrapers on a background of huge Blackrock is well worth the look certainly in Kosice.
Home jewel of the Old Center - HagiaElizabeth. It is a true masterpiece, which belongs to the Gothic period. Incidentally, the construction of this beauty took two centuries. Inside you can get by buying a cheap ticket. Where you can admire the frescoes and statues of the masters of the time. Skillfully executed paintings based on the works of the great Shakespeare, and the ceiling is decorated with local theater.
But fantastically beautiful churches are the main attractions of the city. This role is assigned to the Singing Fountain - the most beautiful in all of Europe.


country ski resort, located on thethe boundary between two mountain ranges: Low Tatras and Fatra. The slopes of the resort will be equally interesting to both pros and skiing beginners. Territory Záhradište zone intended for beginners. Professionals can have fun, riding on Nova hola, where are fairly complex route.


A large resort offering besides classicalRecreation is also therapeutic. From the capital of Slovenia apportion its only 80 kilometers. His popularity is obliged to resort not only to the local hot springs, but also very beautiful nature. Piestany situated in the picturesque valley of the river Vah. The sun appears here much more often than in other parts of the country.
Thermal water and sulfuric mud attracts many tourists who want to improve their health. Local sources of water have different compositions, but the temperature is about the same for all 68.
Especially famous local mud. She copes with diseases of the locomotor system and rheumatism.

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