Holidays in Slovakia in March, prices and weather. Where to rest in Slovakia in March

Holidays in Slovakia in March

Holidays in Slovakia in March

March - this is the last month of winter recreation. At this time, the weather starts to get warmer, and the snow had already slowly melts. Each tourist can see how nature wakes up from the winter holidays.

The air temperature during the day is + 5 ... 7C, andevening + 1 ... 4C. Calculate the heat is not necessary, but the cold weather is not necessarily expected. In addition, it can sometimes be snow, after which the snow is melting very quickly. Despite the mixed weather, you can fully enjoy a guided tour to Slovakia in March.

Ski season in Slovakia in March

You may want to discover Slovakiahow to ski? In this case, in March, you will have one last chance this year. Ski season in the Tatras and Fatra begins in December and ends in March or mid-April. Snow cover can lie four - five months of the year, but there are a thaw, clothing, floods.

Which ski resorts of Slovakia deserve your attention?

  • The High Tatras are one of the mainnatural attractions of Slovakia. This is where the peak Gerlachovský Peak, which is the highest in Slovakia. In addition, in the High Tatras are numerous waterfalls, which may cause the admiration of their beauty in the melting snow. In the High Tatras national park, which includes 26 mountain peaks, more than 300 peaks and mountain lakes. Deep relaxation, beyond any doubt, get a hold of!
  • Low Tatras are part of the Carpathians. This area takes the second place in popularity among all the resorts in Slovakia. Low Tatras boast only peaks - dvuhtysyachnika who also look amazingly beautiful. Deciding to spend your holidays in this beautiful part of Slovakia, you have the opportunity to visit one of the cleanest places in Europe.

Both resorts are renowned for the high level of infrastructure development.

Cultural Activities

When planning a vacation in Slovakia in March, you haveopportunity to visit the festival - competition "Mountain constellation - the desire, fantasy, flight." The objective is the preservation and revival of national cultures, the formation of ethical and spiritual qualities of people to the world of art.

Slovakia will charm you in March, which is the month with the mixed weather conditions, but allows you to continue to enjoy the ski season.

Photos holiday in Slovakia

  • Holidays in Slovakia in March
  • Holidays in Slovakia in March

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