Holidays in Slovakia in May: prices and weather. Where to rest in Slovakia in May

Holidays in Slovakia in May

Holidays in Slovakia in May

In May in Slovakia established warm weatherfor long walks and outings into the countryside. The air warms up during the day to + 16 ... 18C, but it cools down at night and + 10 ... 12C. In May, a beach holiday and bathing is not possible, because the water is warmed only to + 12 ... 15C. Despite this, the tourist trip to Slovakia in May can bring positive emotional charge.

Holidays and festivals in Slovakia in May

Holidays in Slovakia in May is able to please the rich cultural and leisure activities. So, what can you expect? What festivals and celebrations deserve attention?

  • Every year in late April - early May, heldOne of the most unusual festivals in Slovakia, namely the Festival of ghosts. The main characters of celebratory actions become ghosts, ghouls, witches. People come themselves from different countries of the world to take part in the action, feel the mysterious atmosphere and spend time wondering. These days, about 50 thousand tourists visit the castle battlements at first trembling with fear, and rejoice, and then photographed with the most unusual characters in the show. It is important to note that the bulk of the planned event takes place at night, so everything becomes sinister. Employees of the castle is always carefully prepared for the event, trying to make a lasting impression on visitors. Bojnice Castle is decorated and decor items make a special impression on all visitors. Ghosts festival attracts not only the mysterious events, but also the opportunity to try the local cuisine and new wine. In addition, tourists can visit the souvenir fair, where you can find interesting things made of leather, metal and clay.
  • "Bratislava Lyre" - festival, which for the first timeIt was held in 1966. Today, the song festival is held annually in Slovakia and attracts people from different countries of the world, who want to get closer to contemporary art. Each concert pleasantly surprised by the grandeur, so a visit to "Bratislava Lyre" can be included in their own plan of cultural activities.
  • In Liptovský Mikuláš cheese festival is held. Users can try different kinds of cheeses, notably the cheese. Participate in unforgettable tastings!

Slovakia - a small but picturesque countryEurope, famous for various cultural events. May will be the month when you can enjoy a long-awaited journey, planning out nature walks and excursions, cultural leisure.

Photos holiday in Slovakia

  • Holidays in Slovakia in May
  • Holidays in Slovakia in May

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