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Traditions Slovakia

Traditions Slovakia

The Slovaks have always lived in close contact with natureand their basic beliefs and celebrations today focus on the change of seasons, trees, animals and even the weather. Old traditions live in Slovakia today, because its citizens with the same awe and wary of his past, rightly believing that without it there can be no future.

Each village - according to the custom!

Among Slovak traditions, there are manythose that are known only to the inhabitants of a particular region, but still the bulk of local customs is a nationwide scale. The most favorite Slovak festivals are celebrated the world and they are equally loved by children and the elderly:

  • Feast of the Three kings held at the end of the Christmas week. Kolyada young men in costumes of the Magi go home, act out scenes and collect candy and gifts.
  • Introduction Morena looks at our Pancake Day. Straw female figure is burned and the process symbolizes the end of winter.
  • Setting "May tree" in front of his beloved home- It is a tradition of Slovakia, surviving from pagan times. Purified from the lower branches of the trunk of a spruce tree decorated with colored ribbons exhibit symbolizes the eternal devotion of adoration object.
  • In December, the Lucia celebration at girls decided to guess at future husband. According to the tradition of Slovakia, so you can learn the name of her spouse and understand prepare for the wedding in the coming year or is not worth it.

What are they, the Slovaks?

The locals were more than nine centuriesunder Hungarian domination, but have not lost their own language and customs. This gives them the right to be proud of the national culture. Do not compare the Slovak language with other European and allude to their phonetic similarity - so it is possible to hurt the country resident in earnest.
Slovaks are proud to present themselves and theirNational wine. Located on the border with Hungary viticulture region provides a wonderful beverage that is not inferior in its taste the famous Tokaj. Book for dinner or for lunch and a bottle of local wine waiter in any restaurant imbued with genuine respect for you.
Were among those invited to the countrysidewedding or anniversary, take the time to visit the celebration. Slovak traditions and national character will provide you with the mood and the most positive impressions of the visit to the country.


  • Traditions Slovakia
  • Traditions Slovakia
  • Traditions Slovakia
  • Traditions Slovakia

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