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Treatment in Slovakia

Treatment in Slovakia

Most of the European Slovakiais occupied by mountains of the High Tatras, and so the country's interests above all those travelers who can not imagine themselves without a rest at ski resorts. It balneological treatment in Slovakia - the second important area of ​​international tourism in the country.

important rules

The quality of treatment in Slovakia does not depend on the clinicand its location, as all the activities of medical institutions licensed and closely monitored by the Ministry of Health. When choosing a hospital or health resort of Slovakia, you can be sure that the level of service is consistently high.

How to help here?

Health Care in Slovakia based on the countryhealth insurance system. Every working citizen lists cash contributions to one of the five insurance companies in return for the majority of medical services covered by the policy. The insurance does not reimburse only certain types of dental care, cosmetic surgery, and the acquisition of certain medications.

For the treatment of foreign nationals in Slovakiapossible only for full payment. This also applies to hospitals and spas. Free first aid will be rendered to any person, but tourists must have medical travel insurance.

Methods and Achievements

More than a thousand large and small thermalSlovakia sources form the basis for its spa resorts. They can choose from two dozen names, according to its own wishes and preferences and not forgetting the specialization of health resorts:

  • Dudince in the south of the country has a long history andan impeccable reputation. Water local sources at the same time strengthen the heart and blood vessels and heals the joints due to the content of the saturated carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.
  • In Piešťany used to treat not only the life-giving water and sulfur mud. The result - a significant improvement of rheumatic patients.
  • Thirteen Bardejovske Pools Resort sources- A real godsend for those who are tired of problems with digestion. Methods of treatment are the most diverse, but even a simple drink of healing water brings relief within a few days.

Price issue

Clarify the price of treatment in Slovakia can bedirectly on the websites of health centers or the tour operator organizing the trip. In any case, a truly royal holiday on local waters will cost several times cheaper than a similar tour in Karlovy Vary, or Baden-Baden.


  • Treatment in Slovakia
  • Treatment in Slovakia
  • Treatment in Slovakia

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