Flag of Suriname: photos, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of Suriname

Flag of Suriname

Flag of Suriname

The Republic of Suriname National Flag was officially adopted in November 1975.

Description and proportions of the flag of Suriname

Suriname Flag is a classicquadrangular panel, the length and width of which correspond to each other with a proportion of 3: 2. According to the law of the country it can be used by public authorities and citizens of Suriname for all purposes on land and on water.
Surinamese flag rectangular panel dividedhorizontally into five unequal parts by the width. The upper and lower bands are the same size and have a medium green color. The middle part of Suriname flag twice as wide as each of the green parts and painted in bright red. Between the extreme green and red middle part of the white band, the width of each of which is half the width of the green band. In the center of the flag within the red field is five-pointed star stamped bright yellow.
The colors of the flag of Suriname are essential forinhabitants of the country and have developed historically. Green tint symbolizes the fertile lands of the state, which bring a bountiful harvest peasants and farmers. White stripes remind us of Surinamese quest for freedom and justice equality and the red part of the flag - the desire to build a progressive society. Five-pointed star of golden color symbolizes the unity of all nationalities of the country under the flag of Suriname in order to achieve a decent future.
Suriname flag colors and repeated on the armscountries that have officially adopted the flag at the same time. The coat of arms is an oval shield, which is based on two warriors - indigenous people of Suriname. The billboard depicted a sailboat yellow to blue and white stylized waves and green palm tree, which is an important symbol for the righteous of Surinamese origin.

History of Suriname flag

Suriname was colonized at the beginning of the XVII centuryBritain, transfer ownership of them to the Netherlands in 1667. For three centuries the country was in the status of the Dutch colony. Previously, from 1966 to 1975 it was the flag of white cloth on which the five interconnected stars. Called at the time the Dutch Guiana, the country is to join the territory of the Netherlands. Then Suriname got its own name, and the independence of the new flag does not change since 1975.

Photo Suriname flag

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