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Provinces of Sweden

Provinces of Sweden

Provinces, representing Sweden, united inregions: Götaland, Norrland, Svealand. It should be noted that part of Norrland is located in Finland. First there Esterland, whose territory is now located behind the Swedish territory.


Småland is a historic province whichIt is located in southern Sweden. This province is one of Sweden's oldest cities, known as squid. In the Middle Ages Kalmar ranked third in size in the country and is a large shopping mall, and now he is the gateway to the longest bridge in Sweden, which serves to connect the island of Öland and the Scandinavian Peninsula. In Kalmar you can see the old castle complex, Art Museum, Maritime Museum. Many Swedish province represent an increased interest, but Småland is one of the most interesting.


Halland is a province, which is located in the south-west Sweden, in the historic region of Götaland. Attractions should be noted:

  • Varbergskaya fortress, built in the XIII century. After 200 years after the construction was carried out consolidation of the walls. Now the castle attracts tourists from around the world.
  • Castle Tjolöholm Castle. It is in this castle complex were carried out the shooting of the film "Melancholia" (directed by Lars von Trier).


Hälsingland is a historical provinceSweden, which is included in the region Norrlandia. Since the beginning of the Middle Ages became a characteristic decoration of wooden houses, in which the peasants lived. UNESCO included in the World Heritage register of the best peasant estates that exist since the XIX century.


Härjedalen - historical province and a specialSweden Region, which attracts people who want to enjoy an active lifestyle, beautiful nature and interesting tourist routes. Anyone can go on a long voyage with organized overnight stays. In härjedalen it decided to come not only for hiking, but also to engage in mining and fishing, extreme sports. The largest settlement is Sveg, in the center of which can be seen the largest worldwide wooden bear.

Sweden - a unique state, which is one of the most interesting in Europe.

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  • Provinces of Sweden
  • Provinces of Sweden
  • Provinces of Sweden

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