Prices in Stockholm - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Stockholm

Prices in Stockholm

Prices in Stockholm

Stockholm has always been expensive city fortourists. Rest there can easily undermine the budget traveler. Prices in Stockholm are very high. Subsistence minimum for 1 tourist was 100 euros per night.

Tours in Stockholm

Relax in the Swedish capital is often included in thetours in the Baltic and Scandinavia. Tours to this country are made by bus, ferry, train and plane. The average cost of the excursion tour for 5 days in Stockholm is 400 euros per person. Around 1400 euros must pay for a panoramic tour of the route Stockholm - Göteborg - Malmö. The most popular is a combined tour of the Scandinavian countries, which includes a visit to Oslo, Tallinn, Riga and Stockholm. To spend 10 days in this journey, you need to spend 700 euros. The tour takes place on the bus, this amount includes accommodation, meals and several sightseeing tours.


In Stockholm there are good hotels, but almost all of themvery costly. Visitors are guaranteed a luxury, but it costs a lot of money. Accommodation in a cheap and simple room is impossible. Place in the cheapest hostel is 700 - 1300 rubles per day. To spend the night in a hostel can be 5 * for 8500-23500 rubles. The most budget option is the hostel. For those who want to save room in the hostel - it is the best solution.

If tourists have the opportunity, he can stay in a prestigious hotel in Stockholm. Such establishments are in the Old Town Ostermalm, Södermalm, or in the center.

Transport and excursions in Stockholm

Public transportation is more expensive than in otherEuropean countries. Sightseeing too expensive. In Stockholm, all the interesting objects are in one place, so you can view them while walking around the city. Excursion to the ABBA museum is worth 50 euros. A visit to the Palace Hallvilsky 2 hours will cost 100 euros. For a group photo tour around the city you have to pay 20 euros per person.


Food is expensive in Stockholm. Even in fast food are paid more than in other European cities. In the capital of Sweden, you can try the excellent marine and freshwater delicacies. Restaurants serving Italian, Indian, Turkish, Thai and other cuisines. If you would like to visit a good restaurant, be prepared to spend money. Restaurants Stockholm popular buffet. The average bill will be equal to 500 rubles per person. In restaurants and cafes have a daily inexpensive meals, which include a main dish, bread, salad and a cup of coffee. Dine in the budget restaurant for 80 crowns. Dinner costs about 3 times more expensive. Cost-effective option - buy food in a supermarket. Alcoholic beverages in Sweden are sold at high prices. For example, a glass of beer costs 150-300 rubles.

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  • Prices in Stockholm
  • Prices in Stockholm
  • Prices in Stockholm

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