Stockholm 1 day: where to go in Stockholm

Stockholm 1 day

Stockholm 1 day

there is something in millions of nearly Stockholmlook, where to walk and what surprised. The capital of Sweden is first mentioned in written sources in the XIII century, and because the city offers to the judgment of grateful guests a great number of architectural masterpieces and memorable places. See the whole of Stockholm in 1 day - not an easy task, but to capture the family album of the most important attractions is quite capable to everyone.

In museums and galleries

The capital of Sweden, has a reputation as one offamous museum centers of Europe. It opened more than 80 permanent exhibitions, each of which is interesting and significant in their own way. For a day trip is enough to choose one or two museums, the most appropriate for the interests of:

  • National Museum of Sweden, attended by tens of thousands of paintings and works of applied art. In its halls - works by Rembrandt and Watteau, and based exposition in the XVI century.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art with masterpieces by Picasso and Dali.
  • Museum warship XVII century.
  • Transport Museum with exhibits, numbering more than one hundred years "behind".
  • ABBA Museum and the Museum of Music for music lovers.
  • Nobel Museum, where you can find out the truth about why the famous prize is not awarded to mathematicians.

Visiting the museum is selected to precede a walk through the old Stockholm, a day in which there can be a reason to return to the northern city again and again.

The small island of great monuments

Central Stockholm - this is an old district Gamlastan,spread out on a small island. The main attraction of the center - the Royal Palace, where the end of the XVII century the residence of the Swedish monarch. The oldest building of the old town - Riddarholmskaya church, which was built here in the XIII century. It is traditionally quiet deceased monarchs and established the temple of Franciscan monks. Church tower is clearly visible from many areas of Stockholm, and inside it contains the arms of the Knights of the Order of the Seraphim. This award is given for the service of the king and the state and shown by a special valor and is the highest award of the kingdom.
On the Place Royale and facing facadeStockholm Cathedral - St. Nicholas Church. Its construction began in the XIII century, and the church is a magnificent example of neo-Gothic style of architecture. Until the middle of the XIX century in the walls of the cathedral took place the ceremony of the coronation of the Swedish monarchs, and today one of the main local relics - a copy from the old image of Stockholm, established in 1632 to replace an earlier lost.

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  • Stockholm 1 day
  • Stockholm 1 day

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