Streets of Stockholm - photo, name. List of well-known street in Stockholm

Streets of Stockholm

Streets of Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is known to many from his childhoodthanks to the fabulous tales of Astrid Lindgren about Carlson. Everyone remembers about this "man in his prime," which adores jam, tricks and walks on the roofs, with stunning views of Stockholm street.

Tourists visiting the main city of the Swedes, are rarely disappointed. In the capital, they are greeted by fantastic architecture, rich museum collections, amazing shopping and eventful nightlife.

Stockholm archipelago

The guest can be very difficult to navigate inthis Scandinavian capital, is situated on 14 islands. The greatest number of attractions are concentrated in the Old City, which is known as Gamla Stan, and Knight Island, named after the Swedish sounds like Riddarholmen.

The first settlements appeared here in the XIII century, and survived to the present day, as opposed to building the same period in other Nordic countries.

The longest street

It is understood that a plurality of Stockholm's streets aloneIt has to be very long - it was the street Birger Jarl. Firstly, it is named after the founder of Stockholm, known as the "king without a name", and secondly, the street serves as a kind of boundary for one of the most famous shopping areas of the city - Ostermalm. It is in this quarter are the most chic boutiques and trendy places.

Another place located to the south of street tradingFolkungagatan, own capital of its residents are called - SoFo. People come here to shop original and stylish things, interior items, accessories by young Swedish designers. It also arranged for youth cafes and bars.

Myths and Reality

Another interesting street is in the capital of Sweden - Udengatan, it is also located in the central area. It differs in that is named in honor of the supreme deity of ancient Scandinavians, the god Odin.

The name of the street has received in 1885. As you know, at the end of the XIX century in many countries has increased the interest in ethnography and folklore material in Scandinavia as well. It was suggested and an alternative name - Rostrand Boulevard, but the citizens voted in favor of the name of god, the patron of this land. The second feature of the street - it is planted lime trees, cozy shaded alley has become one of the highlights of the city.

Photos of Stockholm street

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  • Streets of Stockholm

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