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Tours in Stockholm

Tours in Stockholm

It is the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden Stockholmand claim the title of the main city throughout Scandinavia. Located on the Baltic Sea, it is a major port and one of the largest mega-cities of northern Europe. Those who chose as an option of a vacation or weekend trips to Sweden are guaranteed comfort and cleanliness in hotels, hospitality and discreet locals and the unique northern nature - cold and a bit soft, but harmonious and very positive.

History and geography

Russian travelers often choose toursStockholm during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The reason - the geographical position of Sweden. The country is located in the northern latitudes, which provides all guests in December and January, the perfect winter weather. New Year in Sweden - it is a real winter holiday with snow-white, pleasant light frost and the ability to feel the all the charm of a warm fireplace after a long walk through the Christmas streets.
History of Stockholm began in the tenth century, whenin the ducts that connect the lake with the Swedish Baltic appeared fishing village. City Swedish capital became only the middle of the XIII century, and in 1635 it was declared the official capital of the kingdom.

Briefly about the importance

  • The temperate climate and the influence of the Baltic guaranteerather mild winters and cool summers in the capital of Sweden. While there may be cold, too thermometer is never lowered, allowing participants tours in Stockholm to fulfill all items of the planned program. In summer, city dwellers and their guests enjoy a pleasant cool weather, which is conducive to walks on city attractions.
  • Every year tours in Stockholm acquire at leastseven million travelers, and because the city is constantly developing tourist infrastructure. Hotels in the Swedish capital open to very different taste and material welfare, but too cheap accommodation in the city is difficult to call.
  • The international airport is 40 kmnorth of the city, and get out of it to Stockholm Central Station is faster and cheaper just to high-speed train. Travel time is less than 20 minutes.
  • The most convenient form of Stockholm Citytransport - underground. It connects the business and historical center of the capital to the residential area. For participants tours in Stockholm is the subway can help get to the main attractions and major tourist sites.

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  • Tours in Stockholm
  • Tours in Stockholm

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