Things to do in Stockholm? What to do and where to go in Stockholm?

What to do in Stockholm?

What to do in Stockholm?

Stockholm - a beautiful and interesting city, wherethe first half of the day can be spent sightseeing, museums and palaces, and the second - in bars and clubs, offering its visitors a rich entertainment program.

What to do in Stockholm?

  • Visit Vadstena Castle;
  • See Globen Arena - large spherical structure;
  • Go to the Vasa Museum (here you will see the sailing ship of the XVII century, visit the various exhibitions that are relevant to this popular attractions);
  • Admire the exhibits on display at the Museum of Nobel;
  • Go to Skansen, which is an open air museum (it is dedicated to Swedish culture);
  • Visit Gamla Stan (Old Town);
  • See the oldest church in Stockholm - St. Nicholas Church.

Things to do in Stockholm?

Upon arrival in Stockholm it is advisable to find a kiosk"PressByra" and buy from the seller ticket for 8 visits to the underground "En remsa tack" - he will give you the ability to move freely around the city. Be sure to go down in the subway (called the art gallery), to explore the quaint village Tunnelbana.

Going for a walk around the city, should payattention to Gamla Stan - here you can go to many museums, the Royal Palace, the Royal treasury, the Mint, the Royal Chapel.

If you arrive in Stockholm with children, visit them at the Museum of tales (Junibacken) Astrid Lindgren: here they can come to visit Pippi Longstocking, and other heroes of fairy tales.

To see the occupants of the Seven Seas, tropical jungleand Scandinavian lakes can by going with the children to the Water Museum "Aquaria". Here they will have the opportunity to see for hunting small fish archer and explore the Nemo (fish clown) - cartoon character.

Visit the house of butterflies and birds, you can stroll through the greenhouse, where there are beautiful plants and see flit from plant to plant numerous birds and butterflies.

Arriving in Stockholm shopping,will be able to satisfy his desire, visit the business center of the capital - City (there are large department stores and shopping malls). You should definitely go to the mall "Gallerian" and the department "Nordiska Kompaniet". A small shops and souvenir shops can be found in the streets of Old Town.

Lovers of cultural activities can visitconcert events, theater, opera and ballet performances. So, you should spend time in Berwaldhallen concert hall, Confidencen Theatre, the Royal Opera, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Dance House.

Arriving in Stockholm, you can relax and feel the European culture.

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  • What to do in Stockholm?

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