Stockholm Zoo - photos, price, hours of work. How to get to the zoo in Stockholm

The zoo in Stockholm

The zoo in Stockholm

In the Swedish capital Stockholm, the zoo is located in the Ethnographic Museum, founded in 1891 on the island of Djurgården.


The name of the first ethnographic museum in the worldunder the open sky it attracts not only fans of history and local history, but also animal lovers. The zoo in Stockholm Skansen park - it's just about two hundred animals, half of them - the typical fauna of Scandinavia.
Here are a terrific home-cows, pigs, geese, sheep, and horses, as well as their wild brothers - wolves, brown bears, lynx, wolverine and elk.
Kids with great pleasure visit the mini zoo Skansen, where you can pet goat or feed the chickens.

Pride and Achievements

you can admire in the park and Skansenexotic animals that are not found in Scandinavia. Aquarium Stockholm Zoo and World monkeys - real pride organizers and park employees. More than 100 exotic species open to visitors the wonderful world of the tropics. Baboons and lemurs coexist here with bats and parrots and turtles and lizards - with crocodiles.

How to get there?

Location of the zoo - Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden.
You can get here from different parts of Stockholm:

  • From T-Centralen - on bus route 69 or 69K need to go to Norrmalmstorg, where the tram 7.
  • From Sussen bus route 76, then reseeding Nybroplan on the same tram 7.
  • In a rented car from the city center you can get to Skansen very fast, but parking in this part of town to find quite problematic.

Helpful information

Park Skansen always opens at 10.00. From January to March and from October to December inclusive, the park is open until 15.00 on weekdays and until 16.00 - at the weekend. All the April it is open until 16.00, May, the first half of June and September - up to 18.00.
A special timetable is provided during the Swedish holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year. All the details can be specified on the park site.

The price of tickets varies depending on the season, age and social statuca rating:

  • From January 1 to March 31 for the adult price - 100, for children aged 6 to 15 years - 60 and for pensioners - 80.
  • From 1 April to 31 May 120 and 60 100 respectively.
  • In the summer months - 170, 60 and 150.
  • In the autumn of the entrance to the park is 100, 60 and 110 (all prices in SEK).

Special offers are waiting for guests on Christmas Eve,the summer solstice, in the New Year and some other holidays. Tickets for these events should specify on the park website or by telephone.

Services and contacts

Park and Stockholm's Skansen zoo organizesthe event is not only to public holidays. At the request of visitors to the area, you can spend a birthday or celebrate a memorable family date.

Official Site -

Phone - +46 8 442 80 00.

Photos of Stockholm zoo

  • The zoo in Stockholm
  • The zoo in Stockholm
  • The zoo in Stockholm
  • The zoo in Stockholm

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