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Rent a Car in Sweden

Rent a Car in Sweden

Sweden - an ideal place for an unforgettable vacation. Where else can you go skiing, go for fashionable shopping and their own eyes to see the roof, which walked Kid and Carlson. In addition, Sweden is replete with attractions and entertainment for all tastes.

Today, the traveler can affordcomplete freedom of action in any country. All thanks to car rental services. Sweden, like any other country in Europe has a number of large companies willing to provide cars for a comfortable and unhindered relaxation.

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Rent a Car in Sweden often available driverover 21 years, but there are agencies that allow persons to issue rent, reached only 18 years, at an additional cost, of course. Incidentally, the age requirements may vary from 18 to 25 years, it all depends on the vehicle class. Therefore, to better prepare for the trip in advance and book a car on the internet. So you will avoid unpleasant surprises and you are ready to start independent travel directly from the airport.

Working moments in the rental registration:

  • Do not forget to put in the bag passport, credit card and driver's license of international standard - without it take a car to not be able to hire;
  • Be prepared to pay a deposit for the vehicle. This amount will be blocked on the credit card account and return back as soon as you pass the car;
  • The average daily rate for the use of cars$ 50-200, depending on grade and specifications of the machine. The rental costs often include insurance against various contingencies, local taxes and fees, unlimited mileage run. Extras various additional equipment: child seats, roof racks for ski gear, the navigator and the second driver.
  • The machine is provided with a full tank of fuel. You must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel, or the credit card write off the difference in gasoline residue;
  • When making rental inquire about possible actions(Holiday weekend), as well as - where to go in case of a car breakdown. Ask the operator of the possible penalties for the delay of the machine and the possibility of putting it anywhere else.

Memo driver

Although the measured and calm traffic onSwedish roads drivers should not relax - a foreign country can bring a lot of surprises. Obey the speed limit - a penalty is possible, and at excess speed only 1 km / h. This was strictly monitor multiple cameras and automatic radar.

But on the parking areas do not worry - they are in Sweden no less than cars. There are both free and paid parking - choose at its discretion.

As you can see, a trip by car cool save the family budget and will leave the country on only pleasant memories.

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