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Resorts of Sweden

Resorts of Sweden

Carlson did not knowingly chose the place of dislocation of Stockholm! In Sweden, a very nice vacation, and well-fed man in the prime of life he knew a lot about the pleasures of ... Russian tourists traveling to Sweden, as a rule, for the Christmas holidays. Firstly, Christmas fairs and sales can not only admire the richly illuminated streets and squares of the Swedish cities, but also to indulge in unbridled shopping. And, secondly, in November, the season starts at the famous ski resorts in Sweden.

"For" or "Against"?

The traditional heading of the merits and demeritsholiday resorts in Turkey will be especially brief. Fly here long, give visa without any problems, airfare is quite humane, and the infrastructure of ski areas in the country allows you to feel like a king and novice and experienced skiers. Minus only one such enterprise - Sweden, in principle, not a cheap country. But when a creative approach to the planning and the lack of rest can be minimized.

In the children's dreams

The main children's resort in Sweden - Liseberg,Included in the top 10 best amusement parks in the world is not someone else, but the authoritative edition of Forbes. Open "Earth Lisa" in 1923, and since then it is - a favorite vacation spot and Swedish and foreign kids.
35 variety of attractions and entertainmentSwedish children's resort facilities include the world's best wooden roller coasters, rides with ghosts and fairies, castles with fabulous characters, including Carlson and a consummate master of entertainment.
Adults also do not get bored in Liseberg, because its music site provide even rock concerts world stars.

Always in the TOP

For fans of winter sports skiSweden resorts - an optimal combination of perfect slopes, simple but comfortable hotels, and quite nice price, in comparison with many alpine ski areas:

  • 250 km north of the Arctic Circle is locatedtracks resort Riksgränsen - Sweden's oldest historic ski center. The tiny town with a population of just three dozen people becomes a center of attraction for skiers and snowboarders, is only the polar night to subside. A full season in this resort begins in Sweden in February, when the longitude of the day makes it comfortable to ride, and in May there always are snowboard event of global significance.
  • Branas contrary, one of the most advancedSwedish regions skiing. There are trails for beginners and advanced athletes, but the bulk of the slopes is designed for skiers confident middle level. Snow cannons guarantee excellent quality of tracks and technologically advanced platforms do not allow skiers too long to get bored in the queues.

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  • Resorts of Sweden
  • Resorts of Sweden

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