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Tourism in Sweden

Tourism in Sweden

Perhaps few tourists see thiscountry as an interesting object to visit. All because restrained, almost cold Swedes do not seek to demonstrate their dignity and right to left.

But the traveler who traveled greatpart of the globe, will be very surprised that tourism in Sweden is at the highest level, there are many cultural and historical attractions. The country has been welcoming guests at any time of the year and knows how to take them to vacation memorable for a long time, and I wanted to come back.

tourist Card

In the Swedish capital every tourist attentionand care. Here there is a special tourist card. Just a small amount paid for it will allow to use public transport without paying an additional fare. In addition, it provided free access to Stockholm's museums (there are about 75), some cultural events.

You can go for the same card ontour (again at no extra charge), get a discount on a visit to the cinema, and boat trips on. The "load" the tourist will receive a stack of guidebooks, brochures, information leaflets in various languages ​​for a better orientation in the city.

Gifts from Sweden

Country surprises relatively democraticcommodity prices, constant discounts, promotions, sales. Therefore, the country guest, in addition to experience and good mood, always will take away high-quality European clothing, home furnishings, excellent glassware and crystal.

As the national souvenirs by tourists regarded sweaters associated in the Scandinavian tradition, silver jewelery, wooden statues and figurines.

Between Stockholm and Malmo

These two cities together are the maincompetitors in the fight for the tourist. It is clear that the capital of Sweden is rich in cultural monuments, architectural complexes, museums. In the historic center of the old town you can walk the walls of the Royal Palace, visit the Armory, and Knight's house. Since the capital is located on several islands, that in itself is a journey through the city becomes very interesting for tourists.

Guest country can not renounce the following important things:

  • go to the museum "Stone City", located in the open air;
  • a trip to Stockholm, using an old tram vehicle;
  • visit the City Hall in Malmo, surprised that she was not so many years, the way it looks.

In general, having got once to Sweden, tourists definitely come here again with friends or family, and to show them Swedish spiritual treasures.

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  • Tourism in Sweden
  • Tourism in Sweden
  • Tourism in Sweden

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