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Transport in Sweden

Transport in Sweden

Transport in Sweden - it is a well-developed system bus, rail, water and air service.

The main modes of transport in Sweden

  • Urban public transport: This includes buses, trains, trams and metro. It is worth noting that access to various Swedish cities and towns may be on intercity buses (the trip is cheaper than the train).
  • Railway transport: to overcome any distance, you can use the services of a modern and comfortable Swedish train, flying, regardless of weather conditions. For children under 16 years accompanied by 1 adult provides free travel on the train, and those who are under 26 years old receive a 30% discount at the w / e ticket. If desired, you can buy Sweden Rail Pass - through this train can be a passport to travel by train an unlimited number of times for 3-7 days in a month. If you plan to travel by train for the Nordic countries, it makes sense to acquire Scan Rail Pass - it allows any number of travel by rail for 5 or 10 days (it depends on the value of the consideration paid).
  • Air transport: travelers the opportunity to travel within the country by planes that go in flights 2 times a day (the flight takes less than 1 hour).
  • Water transport: everyone can go on a trip to the Stockholm archipelago or the West on the ferry. Journey through the Stockholm archipelago can get a 16-day "pass for Archipelago" to unlimited travel on water transport.


Catch a taxi on the street is not easy, so it's bestorder it by phone by contacting one of the many taxi companies. In the country there are companies that establish fixed fares, as well as "free taxi", using the services of which it is necessary to negotiate the fare before the trip.

Car rent

For the preparation of the lease contract should have atcurrently an international driving license and credit card. Travel within the country does not involve the payment of fees (with the exception - the movement of the bridge Öresund). It is worth noting that in Sweden there are paid parking - they are allocated a special marking and equipped with guns for payment.

Before you hit the road on a rentedcars should be aware that all passengers must wear (this also applies to those who sit behind). In addition, the settlements can move at a speed not exceeding 50 km / h on roads outside the cities - 70 km / h on motorways - 110 km / h. Important: the dipped beam should be used around the clock. In addition, you need to be very careful on the roads because they often run out wild animals.

Bicycle rent

Due to the presence in the country equipped with bike paths, get acquainted with Sweden can be on the bike - it's safe and convenient. Rent it can be rolled out in paragraphs or the tourist office.

If desired, you can travel around Sweden from north to south thanks to the country's extensive network of roads and highways, as well as the quality of road surface.


  • Transport in Sweden
  • Transport in Sweden
  • Transport in Sweden

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