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Treatment in Sweden

Treatment in Sweden

Scandinavian states - some of ournearest neighbors on the globe, and therefore the views of Russian tourists confined to these countries for a variety of reasons. Sweden - is no exception, and they come here not only to celebrate the New Year, or spend a summer holiday but also relax in the spa, equipped with the best traditions of spa tourism. And treatment in Sweden is chosen by those who prefer the quality of health services to all the other parameters of the clinic or doctor of choice, despite the high cost of traditional European.

important rules

Associated with the selected clinic for treatmentSweden, it is important to provide the doctors as much as possible the documentation of previous studies or treatment of the English language. In response, the clinic will include not only the consent or refusal to patient acceptance, but a preliminary treatment plan. At this point, to ask for help and reported the estimated cost of all procedures.

Methods and Achievements

Major health challengeshelp to cope Swedish doctors are listed, usually at the site of any of the clinics. Much success the Swedish medicine has achieved in the following areas:

  • In pediatric neurosurgery, including treatmentbrain tumors and other cancers in children. The level of cosmetic facial surgery in the country is considered one of the best in Europe. It successfully removed the traces of burns and eliminate congenital maxillofacial defects.
  • The installation of cochlear implants that can improve hearing those people who do not help ordinary phones.
  • In dermatology - treatment in Sweden significantly helps to improve the condition of patients with psoriasis, cutaneous lymphomas and gidradenity.
  • In neurosurgery, where doctors used to perform high-precision operations by gamma knife, which allows to avoid many complications after surgery.

Price issue

Cheap treatment in Sweden, certainly notname, but potential patients can be assured of compliance several important pricing rules in local clinics. Payment is made at the regulated tariff and the cost initially appointed in accordance with the preliminary information obtained by doctors on health addressed. During the course of treatment to the patient selected the most effective and appropriate diagnostic techniques, treatments and drugs, and the cost of which will adjust the amount of the final bill.


  • Treatment in Sweden
  • Treatment in Sweden
  • Treatment in Sweden

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