Taxis in Geneva - price, order. How much is a taxi in Geneva

Taxis in Geneva

Taxis in Geneva

Taxis in Geneva presented cars, many of which have not only a taximeter, and terminals for the reception of bank cards (pay the fare can be non-cash).

Taxi services in Geneva

There are several ways to resortTaxi services in Geneva - to go to a dedicated parking space (in the city there are about 60), to stop the car on the street, leave the order for the supply of the machine over the phone or via the Internet.

It is worth noting that at the taxi stands, as well asrailway stations and bus stations, you can go to unusual self-service terminals - thanks to such devices, you can make a call to the machine by specifying the address of the destination (in memory of all the tourist facilities are included Terminal). Not directly from this unit, you learn about the upcoming trip cost (you can make a prepayment in cash or using a credit card).

To carry out the order for the supply of the car as possible,calling multiple phone numbers, for example, + 41 22 3 202 020 ( "Taxi-phoneSAGeneva") or + 41 33 141 22 33 ( "AAGeneveCentralTaxi"). Tip: If you need to use a taxi service upon arrival at the airport, you can take a taxi at the exit from the terminal at level C.

Water taxi in Geneva

At the local water taxi ( "mouettes") you will be able toeasily move from one bank of Lake Geneva, on the other. It offers residents and visitors alike - 4 designed route. It is worth noting that the water taxi is a part of the urban transport Uniresco network, so you can pay the fare tickets intended for w / e and ground transportation.

The cost of a taxi in Geneva

Respond to the actual question: "How much is a taxi in Geneva?" Will help the following information:

  • landing on the counter will show 10 Swiss francs;
  • 1 kilometers is charged at the price of 5 CHF;
  • for waiting and easy car you will be asked to pay 1 CHF / 1 minute, and for the transportation of animal and luggage - 1,50 CHF / 1st place;
  • night rate spreads and travel on holidays and weekends, will increase the cost of your travel by 20%.

With regard to the allowance for the transport of 4 or more passengers, it will be 3,80 CHF / 1 person.

So, for the trip from the airport to the city center youpay about 30-40 francs. Paying for travel, should clarify whether it is possible to make payment using a credit card or if the driver will take a commission for cashless payments.

In Geneva, often held sporting, cultural,automobile and other activities: taxi services during such periods are particularly relevant, because in the city there are many business and leisure travelers, because of which is not always possible to use public transport services.

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