The cost of living in Switzerland

The cost of living in Switzerland

The cost of living in Switzerland

Everyone can find in Switzerland, something of their own. For lovers of skiing will be the best Swiss ski slopes, someone will fascinate ancient castles, and someone came in and did an amazing country for cheese. The cost of living in Switzerland, for all may be different, because it is the most expensive country in Europe.

Switzerland is suitable for different types of holiday:

  1. family;
  2. youth;
  3. individual.


Cheap hotels in Switzerland are happy to shelterits guests for CHF 50-100 per room. The bad news is that they are not so much, especially in large cities. The seats also are not enough, so you need to book rooms in advance. Resort areas of the country hit their price spread in hotels, so you need to be prepared for the fact that in the view from the window will have to be added to a small amount so not per room.

Most tourists stop at the local orrent an apartment, it's very popular and profitable. The day for two such apartments will cost 50 francs. excellent apartments usually dealt with all the amenities, so this method is perfect for tourists with young children. For those who are not going to spend money on hotels, there are a huge number of hostels. Price for bed - from 20 francs.


The cheapest meal - this, of course, outside. This snack will cost about 10 francs. Over lunch at fast food or mediocre cafes need to pay from 10 to 25 francs per person. The inexpensive restaurant, you can leave up to 50-60 francs. Prices start at posh restaurants 200 francs.


In Switzerland, there is a unique system of uniformtravel. There are several types - for a month or a few days. It all depends on the length of stay in the country and those modes of transport that person is going to use. Monthly Pass allows free travel across the country any kind of land transport, including urban areas. The cost of the ticket class 1 800 francs, Class 2 - 500 francs. For children, they, of course, 2 times cheaper. Other travel permit to travel freely, or with 50% discount. Their cost from 200 to 600 francs.

You can also rent a car ora bike. Car economy class will cost 100 francs. Behind the wheel will need to leave a small deposit, since this service is absolutely free, then the money returned.


  • The cost of living in Switzerland
  • The cost of living in Switzerland

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