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Rent a Car in Switzerland

Rent a Car in Switzerland

Going to Switzerland, you need to make surethat there where you are going, you can move to the private cars. After all, at some resorts in the country can only be reached by train or tram. A striking example can serve as Zermatt, Wengen and Murren Braunwald. Surprisingly, road links with these cities is absent. If the place where you intend to go, has convenient access to the highway, it's all right.

Take possible to rent a car in Switzerlandto go to an interesting trip immediately to all local lakes, admire the magnificent scenery, breathe the fresh mountain air of surprise. At the same time will see along the way is very cozy towns. However, the purpose of such a trip can become famous Swiss castles. Combine examination of ancient cities, the best panoramic views and stay on the lakes you just allow your rental car.

Features rental in Switzerland

Rent a Car in Switzerland will require from youinternational driver's license, national rights and a credit card. The driver must be at least 21 years of age and driving experience - at least one, two or even three years. It depends on the car model. If you need to rent a car class higher than usual, it would require two credit cards. In addition, the age must be at least 25 years.

Often, if the driver is over 21 years but less than 25 years, the rental price increases car.

The machinery rental price includes:

  • Airport tax (when the vehicle is taken on arrival);
  • Unlimited mileage;
  • Local Tax;
  • Insurance in the event of an accident and in case of theft;
  • Liability insurance, as well as vignettes.

Additionally have to pay for: Rent child seats, boot hire Ski, power of attorney to the second driver, rent navigation, snow chains and winter tires. Having planned to leave the territory of Switzerland in a rented car, notify distributors. Maybe this requires extra insurance. Sometimes the agency generally prohibit export its cars abroad.

Traffic regulations in Switzerland are similar to those laid down inother European countries. However, the requirement to include a passing light often is "optional" character. Only in the tunnels it binding. Children up to 12 years, which is less than 150 cm in height, be sure to install special chair. There is a requirement for seat belts and they must be buckled at everyone who is in the car. If you want to talk on the phone during the movement of the machine, then use only "Hands free".

Always make sure that you have been givencar with warning triangle (triangle) and a first aid kit. These things should be in the salon! navigation function, which helps to detect speed measuring camera, you is bound to be turned off. And another important rule: before all the sharp turns, visibility is limited, the driver shall, if the street light, beep, and in the dark - "blinking" lights.


  • Rent a Car in Switzerland
  • Rent a Car in Switzerland

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