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Restaurants in Switzerland

Restaurants in Switzerland

Switzerland gastronomic - is not just cheese andChocolate in its most diverse sense, but and many other pleasant moments that mountainous republic demonstrates his admirers. Business and somewhat stingy with emotions during the day, in the evening to change the country offers a strict suit on a cozy sweater and join the hundreds of sufferers spend the evening in Switzerland restaurants. Especially because you can choose whatever your heart desires: from the interior to the variety of shades of wine, where the famous stewed veal kidneys in Zurich.

What kind of animal fondue?

The history of the classic and oftenordered in restaurants Swiss specialties began the XVIII century. Peasants harvested the winter cheese became steadfast over time, and the family sitting in the evenings by the fire, heat it with pieces of wine and poppy in a molten mixture of bread. Thus was born the fondue, which has become the hallmark of any institution in Zurich and Geneva, Bern and Lausanne.
The ideal way to communicate with friends, fondueis made from at least two kinds of cheese and bread on skewers except prick pieces of ham and vegetables, shrimp and fish. If the cheese substitute chocolate, and bread - berries or fruit, it turns out excellent dessert. The classic fondue "pull" for about 50 euros, but considering that this dish is for the whole company, it turns out quite economical and very satisfying.

Useful piggy bank

  • Almost every restaurant in Switzerland offers a full lunch in the afternoon, including a couple of dishes from the "menu of the day." This meal will save a few francs for other needs.
  • Many places, especially away from the tourist trails, operate fairly limited time. Opening may not earlier than 11 hours, and at nine in the evening - have thrown plate "Close".
  • The average price of hot meat dishes in the statusrestaurant in Switzerland is about CHF 25-30. For comparison, approximately the same amount would cost the purchase of an adult unlimited travel for three days. At half the price it cost to meat or fish with a garnish of food court in a supermarket or a meal in McDonalds. However, the latter institution will not add respect for the inquisitive traveler, even in his own eyes.
  • The outdoor cafes and restaurants in Switzerland, you can always buy a slice of pizza or a burger takeaway. Price of the issue - up to 10 francs.


  • Restaurants in Switzerland
  • Restaurants in Switzerland
  • Restaurants in Switzerland

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