Ski resorts in Switzerland: photos, reviews. Skiing in Switzerland

Ski resorts in Switzerland

Ski resorts in Switzerland

Switzerland from the entire international communityassociated with stability and firmness. And also - a high standard of living and tranquility. Ski resorts are a worthy reflection of the state apparatus and national traditions. Their long history confirms the general essence of the hotels extremely comfortable, and the route and equipment technically irreproachable.
Alps cover about 70 percent of the territorycountry and that Switzerland is considered the birthplace of mountaineering and ski gornolyh as sports. Season on the local resorts lasts from late autumn to mid-spring, and some runs on glaciers and operate in the summer months. Ski resorts in the country, there are more than a dozen in the heart of the Old World, but the most popular among boarders are just a few.

The resort Gstaad

This region is one of the oldest Swissresorts that take the most secular society. However, for the boarders here - the present expanse, since in Gstaad there are four snow parks, equipped with the last word of snowboarding. Vanillaz Playground has in its arsenal kickers and kink box, Wood and Bonki Wall Ride. Mini-Park offers its territory for beginners all format "mini" - kicker, rails and boxes, and the track "Wave".
Glacier Bernese Oberland stretches Glacier3000 Monsterpark. The main attraction of this snow park - huge jump "Big Mama", which can only win a pro. Complementing to it - a difficult half-pipe.
The gondola lift will take fansrace around on the board in the White Bull Park. Its units are scattered in an area of ​​three kilometers, and the ski school puts students on their routes. From 8.30 to 16.30, to swing the adrenaline in the blood, you can use the kickers, waves and Wittwersport Rivella Jubtins, rainbow Ribcap, fanboksom, White Bull wall and railings.
Having conquered the slopes and descents, you can ride onsleigh or sled dog, arrange a tour of the llamas and goats, to overcome the slope with the help of snowshoes or get up and look over the Alps from the height of the glider flight.

Resort Grindelwald

This resort is popular with skiers and snowboardersthe fact that it has to its credit the most runs of varying difficulty. The most vivid impressions The local skating brings lovers freeride. Guides at the first stage will be very useful. The instructor will show all the "pitfalls" and learn to get from snowboarding a real buzz.
For the most advanced in the resort opened WhiteElements Pro Park, which is located in Oberjoch peak area. The length of 850 meters of the park and the surrounding views are stunning the number of unique landscapes. On the territory of - a lot of different height kickers, the largest of which - twenty meters. Location rails and boxes can combine shapes in the riding, and the local super-pipe - one of the most formidable in the country's resorts.
Im Rad Parks and White Elements Beginners Moresuitable for beginners or those who have decided poottachivat skill to execute this or that figure. The only regret is dosochnikov in the resort is still a sufficient number of ski lifts.


Two small villages form the resort,which is suitable for dosochnikov any level, because here in abundance - not crowded and red slopes for carving and blue runs for beginners and natural jumps. In Crans-Montana there are no problems with the yoke. The resort offers dosochnikov snowpark in the Cry d'Er, where snow is guaranteed to provide snow cannons. The park has a track for boardercross and halfpipe. For starters, open the special slope, and advanced - jumps and rails are combined with rainbow Heep and boxing. At the end of the week dosochnikov and skiers indulge night skiing. The resort opened schools that practiced only by experienced instructors.
Entertainment in addition to skiing also somehowassociated with mountains. For example, you can fly them by helicopter, airplane or glider. You can take a ride on a sled or on the six-kilometer road ride on a snowmobile or snoubayke. Traditional ski resorts "sauna-disco-restaurants-shops" in Crans-Montata available a complete set.

The resort of St. Moritz

This Swiss resort - a real godsend fora border that used to be given to the beloved work best. The extensive back-country activities are supplemented by elegant mountain landscapes. Natural natural chutes and gullies interspersed fields untouched virgin snow, and there is no need for lengthy transitions significantly saves time.
Next to the red route N 16 scattered manyeasily accessible, visible from Route lift. A couple nice runs of the same color are waiting for snowboarders in the area of ​​Corvatsch at an altitude of 3300 meters. It is in the Corvatsch on Friday passed a snowy night, during which all restaurants on the road is not close to 2.00. The resort is open the longest in the country marked the descent from the top through the glacier, which is better to overcome the weather is nice.

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  • Ski resorts in Switzerland
  • Ski resorts in Switzerland
  • Ski resorts in Switzerland
  • Ski resorts in Switzerland
  • Ski resorts in Switzerland

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