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Tourism in Switzerland

Tourism in Switzerland

The charm of this country many travelersdo not understand from the first moment, and not from the first meeting. The desire to visit Switzerland again arise much later, when I go into the background first, perhaps not the most vivid impressions. And then comes the understanding restrained beauty of local nature, the Swiss ability to adequately look at any time and in any place, their friendliness and tolerance.

The fact that in this country the four official languages,It speaks volumes, as well as tourism in Switzerland, which is directed to the presentation of its cultural and historical treasures and attractions, castles, full of ancient charm, luxury ski slopes, delicious chocolate.

All perfectly!

Tourists can feel in Switzerlandgreater security, than in any other European country. However, one should not relax, caution and care has not prevented anyone, and leave with a purse can be even in this almost perfect country.

The second point, which is never forgottenexperienced tourists, the cost of medical services is very high, so the insurance policy must be issued by all the rules and protect tourists if necessary.

Unusual Switzerland

Most tourists think that in this countryonly luxury resorts for skiers, snowboarders, their colleagues, and other sports entertainment here. To the delight of tourists who love non-trivial fun in St. Moritz, on the frozen lake held golf tournaments, polo and cricket.

An exclusive program of stay in Switzerland could include:

  • visit to the famous Roman colony, which has been preserved in the vicinity of Basel;
  • order a meal in an unusual rotating restaurant, which is located high in the mountains, in Saas-Fee;
  • take a trip in the winter kingdom, visiting Glacier Gorge and the museum that bears the proud name of "Ice Pavilion".

Swiss watches and other brands

Many tourists are not going to scour theshops and stores in search of souvenirs. They know exactly what is expected of them members of the household. The male half of the family to stay at home is faint in anticipation of gifts in the form of a real Swiss watches and multifunction knives with different blades, tools and accessories.

Housewives, greeting the travelers inSwiss family, know that the house would be cheesy holiday, because in this country there are recognized global brands, and each region is famous for, especially cheeses. Children waiting for, of course, chocolate is well aware of the merits of its taste and quality.


  • Tourism in Switzerland
  • Tourism in Switzerland
  • Tourism in Switzerland

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