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Swiss Tradition

Swiss Tradition

Despite the relatively small size of itsterritory, Switzerland is ready to boast a huge number of traditions and customs, which will envy even the country on the globe occupy significantly more space. Some traditions are familiar only to residents of Switzerland individual cantons, others - loved by the whole country, and tourists always enjoy the holidays, chocolate tasting and cheese, without which it is difficult to imagine that the Alpine confederation.

Holiday bouquet

Holidays and memorable dates in the country lack. List all will not be able, perhaps, even the Native, but the most massive in the country and attracts many tourists:

  • New Year traditions in Switzerland say noisy and fun with fireworks and champagne. This is one of the few countries in Europe where January 2 may be declared non-working day in some cantons.
  • In February, the school announced the two-weekvacation, when all the inhabitants of the country flock to the ski slopes and hillsides. February generally rich in holidays - at the end of winter in the country a wave of carnivals on the eve of the beginning of Lent.
  • Zeksilyute Festival comes in the spring following theequinox day Monday, when the afternoon sedate Swiss leave jobs and indulge in unrestrained merriment. Zeksilyute symbolizes renewal in nature and in people's souls.
  • The village harvest festivals in late summer - another old tradition in Switzerland. Its modern essence boils down to feast with roasted sausages and plenty of wine.
  • At Christmas the whole family decided to gather andmodest dinner with candles light. Noisy celebrations these days are not satisfied, leaving yourself the opportunity to have fun in the days of the New Year celebration.

About sports and music

Traditions in Switzerland - this special musicaltools with which from generation to generation the national melodies. Chief among others - Alpine horn alphorn, which is the history of the emergence on the music scene lost in the mists of time. Traditions prescribe alphorn to produce a fir, and today it is willing to buy as many tourists and souvenir shops.
The national sport, but a verypopular mountain ski can be safely attributed Hornussen, Aargau. Washer to play it resembles a hockey field - narrow and elongated, and in particular "racket" act as an inventory, more like a shovel.


  • Swiss Tradition
  • Swiss Tradition

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