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Treatment in Switzerland

Treatment in Switzerland

The World Health Organization annuallyIt sums up the work of health care system. Swiss medicine is repeatedly recognized as the best on the results of such research. The reason for this - and the highest international standards adopted in the field of health care and professionalism of doctors, and the perfect European service. For treatment in Switzerland you can buy a special tour of the mediators or go to the hospital on their own, having secured prior agreement on its website.

important rules

The main principle of the Swiss health care- A combination of scientific research and high technology with the professionalism of the doctors and the responsibility of middle and junior staff. By ensuring a high degree of patient comfort during treatment in Switzerland, organizing consultation with invited experts in the required field of medicine, clinics achieve effective results in a much shorter time. By the way, the level of medical services in the country does not depend on the size or location of the hospital.

Extract from the clinic accompanied by a detailed consultation with the doctor. The patient receives not only a full report on the treatment, but also useful recommendations for further rehabilitation.

How to help here?

All residents have the mandatory healthinsurance that covers most of the treatment costs. Foreign nationals who choose treatment in Switzerland have to pay for all of the procedures in its entirety.

For those who simply want a refreshing dip in the localthermal resorts are ideal things to do in Bad Ragaz, Scuol or Leukerbad, whose healing waters, even a few days can add positive and paint life with bright colors. Going on tour in Switzerland, will have to buy medical travel insurance, without which it is difficult to get a visa.

Methods and Achievements

The most popular types of health services, for which the treatment is going on in Switzerland:

  • Cosmetic surgery slows down the body's natural aging process.
  • Plastic surgery has a high professionalism of doctors and ideal conditions for postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Childbirth - integrated programs prepare expectant mothers to the appearance of the baby mentally and physically helps to avoid many complications and injuries.

Price issue

Treatment in Switzerland is hardly cheap, andbecause even at the initial consultation the doctor will have to pay from 100 to 300 Swiss francs. Further check amount will depend on the number of diagnostic procedures and therapeutic measures.


  • Treatment in Switzerland
  • Treatment in Switzerland
  • Treatment in Switzerland

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