Trip to Switzerland

Trip to Switzerland

Trip to Switzerland

Trip to Switzerland will be an unforgettable journey. Here you will find the best ski resorts and a rich excursion program, so it will not be bored.

Urban transport

In the city you will be able to move usingbuses, trolley buses and trams. In this schedule the movement corresponds exactly to the declared schedule, which can be found at any stop of the city. Tickets can be purchased directly at the bus stop in a special ATM. To enter / exit the bus you need to press, as the doors are opened only in this mode.

In many cities you can buy travel "ephemeral", which is much cheaper than buying a ticket for each trip. At the same time buy a ticket with 50% discount are:

  • children under 16 years;
  • women older than 62 years;
  • men who are 65 years of age.

Very easy to use single travel -Swiss Pass, but it is only advantageous if in your travel plans between cities. As a travel gives you the right to use all means of transport within the paid period of time. Such travel are of two types: Swiss Flexi Pass and Swiss Card.

Buy a travel card you can apply to anyDepartment of National Tourist Corporation. An additional advantage - in the appendage you get a family card (Swiss Family Card), which allows together with you for free travel around the country and children. But only if they are under 16 years of age.


Taxis are extremely expensive in the country,even by Western standards. For example, in Berne, to take you for landing 5 francs per person, and then for each kilometer will be charged an additional 2 francs.

Railway transport

Railway tracks cover the whole country, and between major cities trains run almost every hour.

But we must remember that the cost of travel quitehigh. If you want to save money, then buy a ticket directly at both ends. In this case, you will be given a discount of 10%. But a substantial discount, you will be given if the ticket will be booked a few days before the trip.

Air transport

Since Switzerland - a small country, the domestic air traffic is very poorly developed. To use aircraft as a means of transportation between cities is very expensive and therefore impractical.

Panoramic train

The best travel option if you want to enjoy the nature of the country. The best routes are:

  • "Golden Road";
  • "William Tell";
  • "Glacier";
  • «Voralpen»;
  • "Mont Blanc."


  • Trip to Switzerland
  • Trip to Switzerland

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