Holidays in Switzerland in April: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Switzerland in April

Holidays in Switzerland in April

Holidays in Switzerland in April

Switzerland has earned worldwide respect and honoramong bank employees in all countries and levels. But few people know that one of the main components is not banking, tourism and business services. Holidays in Switzerland in April, especially in the ski resorts, the Swiss brings a good income, and tourists - a lot of fun. The most famous ski resorts, has earned world-wide fame, are Davos and St. Moritz.

Weather conditions in April

Spring is in full swing, however, is uneasy skiers,ski season continues. The most demanding of them are already unhappy wrinkle their noses and look for the perfect mountain in other countries. Not particularly fastidious continue to develop in the daytime ski slopes, and in the evening - the local bars.

The temperature in the resorts of Davos and St. Moritzday is set at +7 ° C, night frosts can be returned to -3 ° C. Therefore, to maintain good condition routes have to start in place snow cannons.

Journey to the lake

In April, many of the guests refuseskiing for the benefit of cultural tourism and sent to the beautiful Swiss lakes. Nature around these bodies of water is located in the valleys, have awakened after a long winter sleep and begin to weave a lush green carpet, decorating it with floral patterns.

tulip Festival

It was in April in Switzerland appear messengersheat - tulips. The locals are very sensitive and gentle to them are involved in the cultivation and breeding of new varieties. Therefore, tourists traveling the cities and villages of Switzerland, surprises a huge number and variety of tulips.

Tourists, who are in the middle of April in the town of Morges, lucky to have the opportunity to participate in this colorful tulip festival. And even buy a couple dozen bulbs home.

Geneva Botanical Garden

Do not think that tulips bloom only in Morges, April - Month of flowering everywhere, and not only them, but also the daffodils, crocuses and other messengers of the first heat.

Vacationers in Geneva should definitely carve outa day to visit the local botanical garden, where there is also a zoo and a children's playground and recreation area on the shore of the lake. In addition, there is sure to be in the Garden of smell and touch, which brings together the most amazing plants. Some of them have wonderful aromas, while others can be touched by hands, while experiencing unusual sensations.

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  • Holidays in Switzerland in April
  • Holidays in Switzerland in April

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